Chapter 15

I stayed up on that roof the entire night, waiting desperately for something that didn't arrive. I had a few trips back into the house, once to find a torch and another few times to use the toilet, but they were quick trips. I wouldn't have missed anyhting if Jake drove past. I'd also read quiet a lot about the weapons I'd picked out. Just general things, like how to reload, the safety feature and other basic knowledge I would need to wield the weapons.

As soon as the sun broke through the darkness I decided to go inside. Jake would know to stop here anyway; it was probably the safest house on the highway. And knowing Jake he would most likely inspect every house he past regardless. I locked the door as soon as I was in, "Sam?" I called in between a yawn. She didn't reply as I curiously poked my head into the living room. Still sleeping. Jesus Christ, how can this woman sleep for so long? Although to be honest, I was beyond tired right now. In fact, I needed a coffee. I walked into the kitchen and clicked on the kettle while searching for the ingredients. I found some 'Nescafe' instant coffee and some whole milk in the fridge. I smelt the milk first because for some reason I had a habit of accidently drinking off milk. Mm, nope, it's good.

As soon as I'd made my cup of coffee I walked back into the living room. Maybe I could just rest for a few hours… Damn, I was so tired I don't even think this coffee will be able to impact my exhaustion. I yawned again, removing the weapons from my body and placing them neatly on the table. Yeah fuck this; I need just a few hours sleep. I scoffed at Sam's peaceful face as I sat down the half-full mug of coffee and lowered myself on the couch. Yeah, this felt good. I slowly closed my eyes, no longer able to keep them open.

I awoke to a scream. Sitting up suddenly I felt the room spin as I jumped over towards Sam's frozen figure. I followed her gaze to see about ten or more zombies slapping themselves against the front gate. "Christ!" I breathed running back to pick up my weapons. I quickly glanced at the clock on the mantle before completely stopping.


Oh my god. It was past noon and Jake wasn't back yet. I ran into the kitchen just to make sure the clock was right, Jesus! "Okay Sam, we're leaving!" I tried to sound strong. My mind was racing; I just could deal with the Jake shit right now. All I knew was: there were zombies at the front gate and we needed to get the hell out of here.

Running outside I hurriedly climbed the roof again. Okay, there were only around twenty at the moment, although I could see more coming from the South. Urh, think, think, how can we drive out?! My gaze darted back to the shed – of course! I'd been some pipe bombs in there! I quickly jumped back down the ladder, running towards the shed and picking up a small tube shaped bomb. Okay, now I need a lighter.

I bolted back into the kitchen, panting heavily and not quiet thinking straight. I frantically pulled out the draws carelessly. Rummaging though the third draw I found a lighter, thank you lord! I rushed back into the living room to see Sam still frozen against the window. "Bad time for this shit," I mumbled and then suddenly paused. Jake had said that to me once before. Oh god. I roughly grabbed Sam's arm, pulling her out to the car with hot tears in my eyes. As soon as we emerged the zombies started going crazy as they gnashed their teeth in hopes of tasting our flesh. I pushed Sam into the passenger seat, slammed the door and jumped over to the driver side. I opened the door and lit the pipe bomb. I had to admit I wouldn't have thought of this if it hadn't been for Jake doing a similar stunt at Kmart. Wow, Kmart felt like years ago.

I threw the small bomb over the fence with a grunt and jumped back into the car. A few moments later I felt the ground shake after a deafening explosion. The blow was strong enough to destroy the gate, as well as all the zombies that had been gathering there. I revved the car and sped out. Maybe it was the adrenaline pumping through me or something but I just felt like I was in 'fast forward'. Looking in the rear view mirror I saw the mass of zombies following us. Damn, it seems that stupid little town of zombies has accumulated more zombies on the way. As an estimate I'd say about a thousand as they stretched out across the horizon. Although it was pretty give or take because I could see some of the 'seizure zombies' falling over. Fuck. Still forcing back tears I pushed my foot harder on the accelerator.

We past another sign confirming we were on a road called 'Stuart Highway'. I don't know why I was so interested, it really didn't matter. I was just going to follow this stupid highway until the car ran out of petrol. Looking back at the petrol gage I noticed the petrol was still over half way. I don't know how long I'd had been driving for. Probably over ten hours. We left the house at early evening and now the sun was high in the sky again, so yeah, I'd say over ten hours. We hadn't stopped either so I was pretty damn glad I got a few hours sleep before doing this drive. Sam was still sleeping, which I was actually a little worried about. "Sam?" I whispered to her as I'd been doing every half hour. I knew she was taking this hard but she looked a little off. Maybe it was my imagination. I was pretty stressed to the limit here.

For the first time on this damn highway I noticed a sign up ahead signalling a turn off one hundred meters ahead. I didn't bother reading it, just skimmed over it. Because I couldn't turn off anyway – Jake was coming, and he was expecting me to follow his directions and continue on this road. I stuck to his instructions religiously, because I knew he was alive somewhere. I don't know if I'm going insane or whatever but I refused to believe he was dead.

We kept down the highway for about an hour before I was forced to stop. I just burst into tears, crying out my frustration and cursing up at the sky. A few moments later I wearily lifted my head to again look at the massive, long line of zombies stretched out in front of us. Now how could they possibly smell us from so far away? As if reading my mind, the vibrant, red dust around us blew up into the sky. They said the Sydney Dust Storm was caused by dust from the outback being carried on the wind. Imagine that, over a hundred thousand trucks worth of dust travelling around three thousand kilometres. I suppose if something like that can happen, then why the hell wouldn't they be able to smell us? I don't know what was wrong with me. But I didn't feel dead anymore. I just felt like… I had to fight back. I didn't want to die! And I wasn't going to die! I revved the car again and U-turned, accelerating to around 120km's an hour. There was no other option; I had to make that turn off.

It didn't take long, perhaps half an hour since I was driving so much faster. I could no longer see the Northern zombies but now the Southern ones were in sight. I'd found a radio station that was still playing music. I guess it must have been left on shuffle play or something. As I spun the wheel furiously as 'Highway Man' came on and I smiled to myself as I made the turn off. I accelerated once again, speeding off deeper into the desert. The windows were rolled down as I started singing along to the song. Singing… Well more like yelling. "I'll be back again!" I called as I drove even faster, the gage ticking up to around 160 which is as fast as the car would go. As the song ended I shifted down a gear, worried about fucking up the car. Somehow Sam was still asleep, which I thought was pretty odd but I let it slide. She must have been faking, probably not in the mood to talk or something.

We weren't on this road for long, perhaps a few hours as I ripped up the road until something came into sight. My breath caught and I slowed down slightly at the distant appearance of Uluru. Well fuck me; I always said I wanted to see Ayers Rock. We past a few dead bodies on the road and it freaked me out a little. I tried to rouse Sam, "Lazy, wake your ass up!" I yelled while jabbing my finger hard into her side. She jumped. "Finally," I sighed as she slowly turned her head.

Oh fuck my life.

That hungry look in her eyes... "Sam?" I whispered. She rolled back her head and lunged for me. I screamed, letting go of the wheel as the car swerved and tumbled over.

"Ugh," I mumbled, holding my head and starting to cry once the car had stopped moving. I popped open my eyes and realised I was upside down. The car was painted with blood and I resisted the urge to throw up. Sam lay lifeless on the roof of the car below me, a bite mark now visible on her ankle. "Fucking harbor," I cried even harder as I unbuckled myself. I slowly crawled out of the car, noticing my left arm was hanging heavy in its socket. Holy shit, it was dislocated. My head was pounding and I nearly doubled over as I stood up, not just from my dizziness but my stomach was killing me. I tried to breath, but it was difficult. All I could do was wheeze and I assumed I must have broken or fractured some of my ribs. Shit, worse for wear alright. As you might remember, my mother was a nurse. I'd dislocated my arm once before and even though you can possibly fuck up a nerve, my mom popped it back in. Okay, I tried to calm myself as I held up my forearm and gripped tightly to the top of my shoulder and arm. I clenched my teeth as I threw my arm back into place. I fell back onto my knees, gasping for air. A hot serge of pain flushed throughout my entire body, holy shit. I sat their for some time before getting to my feet again.

I stumbled forward, remembering those things would still be following me. As I was running (which was very awkward since I was in so much pain) I did a weapon check. I had the M16, my two handguns, the machete and some ammunition. Good enough right? I fell over a few times. The pain was really getting to me, especially my rib cage since it made breathing really difficult. The boiling hot weather really wasn't helping much either. But I kept pushing myself, forcing myself to forget about Sam and everyone. I was at school again, who knows how fucked the world is right now, I had no option other than running. There's a difference between being selfish and being sensible. I just kept thinking about useless things to distract myself as I ran and stumbled down a red, desert path to that huge, looming rock.

But the pain was so intense I found myself stopping more and more often. Fuck, why couldn't I have crashed closer to the stupid rock? And Sam! I mean, could she really have been in such an intense state of shock that didn't care whether she turned and killed me? These thoughts were not helping distract me.

"There's a rainbow over the rock!" I started singing (yelling) again, this time some Slim Dusty, "And the sun has started shining…" I gasped for air, "I've just seen a flock of cockatoos fly by and I see a sliver lining…" I dropped again, pulling myself up and gaining my composure before continuing, "You've gotta believe in miracles when there's a rainbow over the rock!" I may have looked like a complete douche, but it was helping. I followed the signs and found myself near the bottom of Uluru, at the beginning where people start their climb.

There was a line of poles ascending the side, with a thick rope connecting them, obviously used to assist people in their climb. It actually looked quiet steep. I glanced around the other side of the rock realised there were other ways to climb it. It was steep but there were ledges and if you were fit enough you could definitely make it up. That is to say, I was in no way 'fit'. I started climbing up the rock, slowly pulling myself up via the ropes. Then it suddenly hit me, what if the zombies used the ropes to climb Uluru, just as I'm doing?

So I pulled out my machete and once I had reached a rope I would cut the one behind me. It took ages and by the time I had reached the top I saw the mass of zombies shambling towards me. Let's hope they don't find a way up.

I'd never have guessed how big the rock is. Honestly, it was huge! Although, I had no idea what to do now that I was safely at the top. I wondered around aimlessly until I found a nice looking rock where I could sit and overlook the massive horde of oncoming zombies. The view was amazing. I could see for kilometres in every direction. There were small clumps of light green that I assumed to be trees, but looked so small from up here on the rock. The grass below stretched into the distance, starting as a pale green and turning a purple color on the horizon. It was almost peaceful up here. The zombies looked so small and insignificant.

I wheezed again, spitting out blood next to me. Ugh. I looked back to the horizon and noticed the sky had transformed into a light pink color. Shit, was it already nearing night again? I lowered myself slowly so my back was pressed against my rock seat and I was able to outstretch my legs. I breathed in deep (which really hurt since my ribs were on fire) and sighed. Maybe now I'd finally be able to have a decent sleep for once. The throaty screeches from below made me grumble. Come on, just twelve hours of sleep please! But I let my eyes fall, just as the sun fell under the ground. "Sam…" I mumbled unintelligently as a final thought lingered in my head.

Now everyone from my earlier life was dead.

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