Tres Amor

For my bestest friend. Love you.

He kissed her desperately, urgently, his fingers running frantically through her hair. She pressed against him, kissing him back passionately, slipping her hands up under his shirt to stroke his back. He smoothed his hands down her back, pressing her close against him, then drawing back enough to whisper, "I need you" before crushing his mouth back down on hers and pushing her backwards until she hit the bed.

She gently started lifting the hem of his shirt, letting her fingers brush his skin. He let go long enough for her to take it over his head, before resuming the ravaging of her mouth with his lips and tongue. He moaned softly as her small hands rubbed and gently massaged his chest. He trailed kisses down her neck, licking it lightly in certain places, then biting gently as he unbuttoned her shirt and tossed it away.

"Your skin..." he breathed, caressing her soft stomach and up to where her breasts were cupped in a sexy black lace bra. He made a low hum in his throat, brushing his fingers lightly over her breasts, then moved to unclasp her bra. Her already hard nipples tightened further at the sudden air contact, and he moaned a little again, brushing his thumbs lightly over her pink nipples. Then suddenly his mouth was everywhere—her lips, neck, throat, breasts, nipples—as if he couldn't make up his mind. She could feel his erection against her thighs, and her vagina pulsed in anticipation as she ran her fingers through his hair and over his bare back, resting them on his waistband.

When he finally stopped, he kissed her mouth long and hard. She fumbled with his jeans button, unzipping them and pushing them down his hips along with his underwear. He wiggled his hips and shimmied the clothing down to his ankles. She reached down and touched his penis lightly, and it twitched at her touch. Suddenly she pushed him over onto his back, and hovered over him, still kissing, then reaching down once more to curl her fingers around his hard penis, running her thumb gently over the tip, then pumping it lightly, experimentally.

He seemed to like that, as he kissed her harder and reached up to caress her breasts and roll her nipples in his fingers. She gave a small gasp, but continued moving her hand up and down faster and faster. She licked his lips, begging for entrance. He allowed it, and she caressed and stroked his tongue with her own, the first touch making him jump a little. After a few moments, he began involuntarily thrusting his hips. His testicles flexed, then he came powerfully, repeatedly shooting semen onto her belly and breasts, splattering himself a little.

As the spurts ceased, he moaned softly and relaxed, and she kissed him, gently now. They both froze as they heard the shower turn off.

"Shit, I forgot Sarah was still here," Amanda said.

"Aww, she can join us. Let her come," he said lazily, laughing at his own joke. "Besides, I told her I was looking forward to a" Amanda shrugged a little and sat up. Sure enough, Sarah came into the room, wrapped in a towel, her dark hair streaming down her back in wet strands.

Robert grinned up at her. "Hey, baby. 'Manda here needs some help, and I don't mind the view, either."

Sarah laughed a little and tossed her head, before dropping the towel and walking over. She kissed his mouth lightly. "You slut," she teased, then looked at Amanda critically. "You have two problems there, dear." She straddled Amanda's lap, buck naked, and kissed her mouth gently.

Amanda kissed her back heatedly, then the other girl pushed her back onto the bed, trailing kisses down her neck, then lapping up the semen. After a minute she looked up at Robert and grinned, then went back to cleaning Amanda, who melted at the feel of Sarah's warm, wet tongue over her breasts and stomach. She arched her back a little and groaned as the other girl licked and nipped her nipples.

"Please, Sarah..." she said breathlessly. "Robert...anyone!"

Sarah grinned at her again. "You still have one problem left." She got off Amanda's lap and tugged her pants and underwear off. She stroked Amanda's golden brown curls, then dipped a finger into her folds, teasingly brushing her clitoris.

Amanda squealed a little, reaching up to caress and squeeze Sarah's breasts, all too aware that Robert was watching the show, fondling his penis, which was unsurprisingly erect again.

Sarah slid a finger into Amanda's hot, wet vagina. Amanda tightened her muscles, wanting more. Sarah gently slid another finger in and curled them slightly, starting to pump, while working the girl's clitoris with her thumb.

Amanda cried out when she felt someone licking at her left breast, and then another mouth on her right. Warmth pooled in her lower stomach, and she felt the knot tighten, and then they bit both her nipples simultaneously.

Amanda screamed and her body spasmed as she came on Sarah's fingers, the walls of her vagina pulsing and contracting. Wave after wave of pleasant shocks washed over her. They knew just when to bite, suck, and lick her nipples to keep her coming.

After what seemed like an eternity, they stopped, and both rubbed their naked bodies up against her, taking turns kissing her mouth gently until she spiraled back to earth, opening her eyes and looking hazily up at them.

They got off her and she scooted to the side to watch as Sarah gave a playful growl and attacked Robert, knocking him over. She sat on him and grinned evilly down at him, then bit his neck, feeling his penis poking against her. She reached down and caressed it, then scooted down his legs and nuzzled his stomach, then his pubic hair, and finally his penis. She gave a quick, hard lick from base to tip, then slowly swirled her tongue around the tip, taking him in her mouth and sucking masterfully, grazing his skin just barely with her teeth, pressing and wiggling her tongue into the special spot on the underside.

"I...can'" he panted—moaned.

Sarah withdrew then took her time, looking over at Amanda, who was playing with herself. "Join us?" she mouthed before scooting her body back up Robert's. She straddled his legs and tickled his stomach as he whined and wiggled beneath her. She lifted herself up and positioned overtop him, rubbing her dripping labia against the head of his penis.

"Dammit, stop teasing, Sarah!" he groaned through clenched teeth.

Amanda crawled over and kissed his mouth hard, shushing him, as Sarah slowly slid down on top of him. He thrust as she raised herself up a little, then she slammed back down onto him. He bit Amanda's lip then sucked away the blood. "I want you" he breathed, cupping a hand around her buttocks and drawing her close. She actually blushed, and positioned herself over his face, gasping at the first warm lick to her sensitive labia. He teased her clitoris with his tongue, then thrust it into her vagina, deeper and deeper, drinking her warm lube as she leaned forward to kiss Sarah passionately. The girls fondled each others' breasts, but it wasn't long before Sarah and Robert couldn't take it any longer. They came, and Sarah screamed as she felt his warm semen spurting deep into her. As the walls of her vagina clenched and pulsed around his penis, Robert gasped and bit Amanda's clitoris, making her come again, harder than before, and when Sarah bit her tongue she lost it completely, a second orgasm overpowering the wake of the first. Robert continued swallowing everything she gave him, licking her clitoris periodically to keep the flow coming, gently stopping just soon enough to prevent the girl from passing out.

Finally the girls collapsed, still quaking, onto the bed, then cuddled up to Robert, one on each side. He kissed them both lovingly, then they kissed each other. Relaxed, content, and extremely satisfied, the three pressed their naked bodies close together, then, warm and comfortable, slowly fell asleep.

A/N: The relationships were purposefully vague. Perhaps too much so. They are all just kinda best friends/fuckbuddies, but not in more of a relationship than that. Sarah and Amanda are roomies.