You wear a red dress that feels like blood
Dripping slick and smooth from my clinging fingers.
You've got a drop of wine rolling off your lip
And I can see that things are gonna happen quick.

Licking your lips to taste that burning wine
Back in your room in your intoxicated bed.
How did we get here, I don't remember,
But I don't care, babe, I've got your number.

Down on my knees kissing you fierce;
Shirt over you head, hands under your belt;
I am going to make you come to me
To satisfy every need you've ever felt.

I want to hear you moan, yeah, I'll make you scream it
I want to hear you groan, yeah, I'll make you mean it
I want to make you moan, oh, you'll hear me too
I want to make you groan, oh, you'll hear me,
You'll hear me need you all night long

Eyes follow me through the room in the dark,
Wild body beckons me with desperate exhalations;
Skin pulled tight over that breathing, beating, chest,
You know that I'm treating you just as rough as the rest.

I'm going to rough you up and fuck you up
Just like last night you roughly fucked me

I am going to make you come to me
To satisfy every need you've ever felt

After tonight you'll be laying on the sheets -
Without your clothes 'cause I've savaged those -
Shining from the touch of my tongue, the hot caress
Of my hands through every glowing lock and tress,

And you'll wonder, for hours and hours, who
The stranger was in your bed that night with you;
Doing the things you did to me right back to you;
Repeating to yourself my hello and goodnight whisper,
"Guess who."