Chapter 2- Shh, you're drunk.

The music was pounding loudly, the bass throbbing through the air towards Adam, as he cautiously approached Shanes' house with Seth and Matt in tow; both of whom were quivering with barely concealed excitement.

"Our first big party," Matt exclaimed high fiving Seth. They never came along with Adam when he went partying with Tyler because Tyler didn't like them. Actually a lot of people didn't like them but they were all he had at school seeing as no one liked him either, with Tyler as the exception.

Adam shook his head. "You sound like annoying little teenyboppers."

"Excuse me! But I don't like see you like invite us to any like parties do you like?" Seth said, pretending to be girly, "OMG! Is that like Miley Cyrus playing? I like love her like so much!" he gave a little squeal attracting the attention of some fellow party goers. "Oh, erm, hello..." he said awkwardly.

Adam and Matt looked at each other and cracked up. "Dude," Adam gasped between fits of laughter, "You're like so lame."

Seth gave them a dirty look and stalked off to the gates to Shane's house.