Chapter 4- Use your head.

A silvery mist crept slowly across the ground obscuring what little Adam could see as the golden glow of the yellow moon filtered spottily through the dense canopy of the surrounding trees. The night was still and cool as Adam stood rooted to the spot; shivering and unsure of how he got there. He could hear no sounds save his own breath; and he could feel the discomfort of sticks and stones digging into his bare feet, as a cool breeze blew softly through the trees causing his straight brown hair to flop into his eyes. Shaking his head slightly to rid his eyes of his hair he caught a glimpse of someone standing in the shadow of a tree a little ways ahead. Squinting his eyes to get a better look he took a tentative step forward and brought his foot down onto a sharp stick.

"FUCK!" he exclaimed, quickly bringing his foot up to examine it as tears sprung to his eyes. He could see a spot of blood forming around the wound and he briefly wondered what he was doing in the middle of a forest with no shoes on. Then he wondered what he was doing in a forest in the first place.

Shaking his head slightly to clear his mind of the pain he suddenly remembered the man. He placed his foot carefully back onto the ground and looked to the spot that he had last seen the man only to discover that he had already gone. Cursing softly, Adam limped over to the place he had last seen him hoping to get a clue as to where he could've gone. As he leaned against a tree, he surveyed the immediate area and saw what looked to be a hat nestled in the branches of a bush. Walking over to it slowly, he picked it up and studied it; it was a black wide-brimmed hat with one side pushed down, as if its intention was to hide the wearer's face. It probably was.
Gazing around him, he noticed a small but well-used trail meandering off into the trees and he cautiously decided to follow it, wincing slightly as his already injured foot came into contact with the rocks and dirt that covered the forest ground.