Poet's Note (As opposed to Author's note!): This is a new poem of mine that I'm not yet sure what to do with, or where to go with. I might, in time, extend it, though I have to say, I am quite fond of this piece. It's a bit abstract, and different, but I kind of like that. Please take the time to read and review! Constructive criticism is very much welcomed!


She is ouchy claw,

Nail: sharpened to point,

Red, slathered in oozing

Varnish - blood colour with

War paint drenched face,

Lips pout, while teeth bite too into

Wedding feast. Second rate, her father

Was tight. Like your name with hers

On my wedding invite.

Poet's Note: Please review and tell me what you think! I am very much open to all comments, especially constructive criticism! It you want any information, such as 'WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ALL ABOUT?!' please feel free to ask! I know this poem is a little...odd!