Because love works in mysterious ways

He walked boldly into school,

She always walked closely behind him.

His hair was black and spiked in every direction,

She wore her long blonde hair in a ponytail.

He walked in wearing shiny black high-heeled boots,

She wore plain black pumps.

He wore black eye-liner and blood red lipstick,

She sometimes wore natural coloured eye-shadow.

His smile was gorgeous and got him his own way,

Her smile was shy and won him over.

He was tall and towered above most people,

She was small and almost always missed.

His jacket was bright and caught everyone's eyes,

She wore her plain black school blazer.

His bag was huge and illuminous orange,

Her bag was a small plain black leather one.

He wore loads of bangles and people knew he was coming,

She wore nothing but a heart necklace from him..

He didn't work to hard but passed his classes,

She worked extreme hard and gained A's.

He attended drama club,

She went to Maths club.

He was confident,

She was shy.

He was very popular and everyone knew his name,

She was only known as his friend.

He appeared camp and people thought him fun,

She didn't care because she knew he wasn't gay.

He had loads of girls after him,

She had one guy for her.

He loves her,

She loves him.

But why when they are so different?

Because love works in mysterious ways.

A/N: Well this was in my mind all day and I briefly worked on it in college at break. I then came home and fixed it up. I enjoyed this piece, it's sweet :). Now I wanted to tell you a few things. 1) I may not add any more work for a while, this was just in my head and short and this is because college is taking up my life tut. 2) I will not write many more poems, if any. I was shocked I wrote this one. 4) The guy and girl are vaguely based on people. The guy was a teenage guy I saw once and was awed by at his extreme style and confidence. The girl is- well was, me. She was the girl I was, not long ago but still am when I go into my shell. 5) I wasn't being offensive to gays.6) I may write stories on these two characters, I think it really works so far but I would like your help e.g. names, plot ideas and you will be mentioned. Let me know what you think! Thanks, hope you enjoyed it :) Jessiy x