AN: Please make sure you have read the poem before this or on another story called 'Because love works in mysterious ways: The Poem' as it is part if it, thanks.

Seb shook his head, turning down the cigarette he was being offered by a random person from his class. Seb didn't smoke, even if he looked the popular sort that would. He wasn't shocked by the offer of a cigarette by a stranger, it cam with his popularity. He looked out to the school gates a good few yards away as people were entering thin small groups and most kept looking his way. All of them were in the same black uniform, looking identical. That's why Seb wore his jacket, jewellery, bag and his extreme hairstyle because he refused to be identical and boring. Sadly, he realised his unique style brought him followers that often attempted at copying him, trying to be identical to him. He squinted past the school gates, realising he probably should book an eye test but he didn't want to wear glasses. He kept looking, hoping he would see this new girl he had heard about. He had heard she was starting today since no gossip was unknown to the gossips of his class. He wondered what she'd be like and where she'd fit in in the school.

As soon as he saw her he'd know she was the new girl. The way she will walk, her nervousness and the way her eyes will search every part of her new school will give her away. It didn't help that Seb knew almost everyone in his small school because he was in his last year and very popular.

His eyes swooped in on a small girl walking through the school gates. Seb could hardly see her, she was blurred because of the distance. However, he was pretty certain she was the new girl, Erin or Eileen he had heard she was called. She was wearing a uniform similar to everyone else's. A small black bag hung from her neck that flapped in the light breeze and she removed her left arm from hugging her folder and tightened her blazer around herself. Seb noticed her long blond hair that fell past her waist in a long pontail.

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