Let's hang out today.

Let's wake up before everyone else so we can have a chance to tell the sun good morning. We'll steal kisses for breakfast, because I'm not hungry and you've already explained to me why I shouldn't cook. Let's wait outside the mall for hours just so we can make fun of all the stores and mindless shopping machines of society. Grab your car keys. Let's spend hours driving along and singing to every single song on the radio. We can roll down the windows and sing so loud people in the endless traffic begin to stare. You and I can laugh at all the commercial families driving mini vans holding onto their fake smiles for dear life with nothing to forget except useless gossip and meaningless small talk.

Park the car at an open field, deserted by all because it's grass was yellow-green and not grassy green. We can rip out blank pages from your notebook and write special messages on them. Then we could fold them into simply imperfect paper airplanes and fly them to each other. Watch how they do flips and tricks and glide gently to a stop in our hands. It'll be like we're telepathic; we'll know what the other is thinking without saying a word. As we speak the sky might turn grey and we'll begin to feel water on our noses and see drops on our hair. Let's find refuge in your car. While you rest I can chase the storm away by telling it all the reasons why I love you and finding more reasons than there are falling raindrops.

Let's fly out to London for lunch. We can tell Big Ben that it doesn't matter what time it is because it's five o' clock somewhere and breakdown laughing at our stupid joke. Since we're already traveling let's go somewhere else. I've always wanted to see the world and today we have all the time in it. Let's wander every desert and climb every mountain. We'll dare each other to swim the whole ocean and laugh when you try.

Then let's go home, it's bound to get late sometime. Paint me the sunset, then paint the night sky over it. We can get crazy, popcorn, and our instruments. Then we can spend time writing upbeat songs they'll have to play at our funerals. Let's find the silliest pajamas we own and lay down in each others arms. Let's talk for hours under the moon and starlight that shines between the curtains. We'll talk until you begin to fall asleep and while you dream I can develop all those marvelous pictures I took with my eyes and frame them with other memories I'll never forget. It'll be our perfect day, an opportunity like this probably won't come again, take my hand.

So let's have fun today. Let me fall into danger, my urge to silently scream overpowered by my knowledge that you're right below me arms open. Let's not stand in line to wait for the answers we want, let's just find them ourselves. Trust me, you'll love today. So please, let's hang out today.