"Father?" I asked nervously.

"Yes Gabbie, im over here." He called to me.

I rushed into the living room where he was sitting.

"What are we going to do today, Father?" I asked nervously.

"Well, I'm going to go to the bar, and your sisters have some things for you to clean. NOW HURRY UP!" he yelled.

"Oh! Ok father!" I said and ran to my sisters room.

"Hey guys.. father says you have some things for me to clean..?" I asked.

"Yea.. but.. we can do them ourselves Gabbie.." Brooke told me.

"But.. you know what dad will do if I don't.." I told Brooke.

"Right.." She said and handed me a basket of clothes.

"Here are mine too… Hurry up.. and this time.. better not ruin my blouse." Heather brutually said to me.

"Yes m'am" I said, and rushed downstairs to the laundry room. I took the clothes and put them in the washer, and took the clothes that were in the dryer, out, and folded them.

I brought the clean, folded clothes upstairs and put them away in each persons dressers. I then went to the kitchen to make lunch, and there was a list of chores for me to do. I sighed and got right to work. I cleaned the bathrooms, I cleaned mine, Brooke, and Heather's room, vacuumed, washed the kitchen, and went outside and watered the garden, and replanted some crops. I wope off my head, and went inside and washed up. I started to make dinner. I made rice, and steak. I set the table, and told Brooke and Heather that dinner was ready.

They came and sat down and ate, when we were done, Brooke said Thankyou, and Heather just left.

3 hours later, father came home. He brought in a young woman. About in her 20s. Her name was Kat. He introduced me to her. She was VERY kind. They went up to his bedroom. I went to mine, and started writing in my diary.

Dear Diary,

Father went to the bar again today. He left me some chores to do. Brooke was very kind to me as usual. Heather, I have no idea what her problem is, but one thing I know, is she is awfully rude. Father brought home a young woman today, her name was Kat. She was very kind. They went up to his room. Only god knows what they were doing. But, I again prayed that someday I will get out of this place. Father beat me again today. He beat me in the bathroom this morning. Brooke and Heather will never know. He buys me coverup for the bruises that are showable. But, I make up excuses if the coverup comes off. I miss mother. She would have left with me a long time ago. But she left without me. And she will NEVER come back. I miss her. And I know its stupid..but I think Father killed her. They were fighting one day, in their room, and all of a sudden there was a bang. I don't know how to describe it.. I wouldn't know if it sounded like a gunshot. But I know, that the day before her disappearance, she gave me a scrapbook, and a crystal sword she made. I loved them. She said "Happy Early Birthday honey" and kissed my head and left. Then the next day, she was gone after the fight. I miss her dearly. Goodnight Diary.

I closed my diary and put it in my secret box, and put it under my bed. Father would kill me if he knew what I said in my diary. I got on my night gown that used to be mothers, and went to sleep.

I woke up at 5:30 AM like everyday. I had to get up, do some chores, and make breakfast for everyone.

I set the table with breakfast.

"Wow.. This looks lovely Gabbie. Very nice." Said Kat as she came down the stairs and looked at the table I had set.

"Your welcome m'am" I said politely. I had to be polite to everyone, or else father would beat me.

Father, Brooke, and Heather came down and sat down and ate breakfast with me and Kat.

When everyone was finished, I grabbed everyone's plate and was about to grab Kat's until she said "Oh Gabbie.. you've done enough.. the least I can do is take my plate to the sink."

I looked at father, and he gave me the death stare.

"Its fine Kat, I'll take it." I said and reached for her plate.

"Gabbie! Ive got it!" She laughed.

I looked at father once again and he just looked at me like 'Fine.. but your getting a beating later…'

"Okay m'am" I said to her, and she followed me into the kitchen.

I put the plates away and Kat put hers away.

"Thankyou for the lovely breakfast Gabbie." She said and smiled at me.

"Yourwelcome m'am" I said shyly.

"Thanks Gabbie" Brooke said as she walked past the kitchen going to the stairs.

"Yourwelcome Brooke…" I said.

Father and Heather did their usual, and just walked to the living room. Kat skipped to my father and grabbed his hand. He shook her hand off. What a jerk. She looked at him weirdly. He just kept walking to the living room, staring at his destination.

I did all my chores, and as soon as Kat went home, father did as he promised. He pushed me into the bathroom, and beated me. He shoved me against the wall by grabbing my neck, and then threw my head back against the wall. I screeched in pain grabbing his fingers off my neck. He was too strong. Then, he grabbed me by my hair and whipped me into the corner of the sink. I screamed. Dad already had the bathtub filled with water, so he shoved my head under the water. I squirmed and tried to breathe. He pulled my head back up, and I gasped for air. Then, he looked at me, and kneed me in the stomach. I puked, and then he made me lay in my puke. Then he left me in there. I was laying there in my puke, gasping for air, and holding my stomach. I sat there and cried and wished that mother were here. I got up and washed off. I immediately went upstairs and took my clothes off to check to see where my bruises were. I had bruises everywhere. I used a lot of cover-up. I then layed on my bed and went to sleep.