"Oh! I forgot about the cookies!" I realized. I ran to the oven, and took out the cookies. They were a little 'crispy'…but not bad.

Austin grabbed one and ate it.

"Not bad…" He said and smiled at me.


All of a sudden all of us started bursting out laughing.

I had burnt the cookies.

At school the next day…

I woke up, and was extremely excited. MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! EVER! It was in about the middle of the school year, so I couldn't act like it was the first day of school for everyone.

I got up and went through my closet, and got out a pair of dark skinny jeans, a yellow shirt that hugged my stomach just right. I then put on a white cardigan.

I went through my shoes and found some yellow flats. PERFECT! I slipped them on my feet, and went to the bathroom to do my hair.

I plugged in the straightener, and while that was heating up, I put on my eyeliner, and mascara.

Beep! The hair straightener was done. I started straightening my long black hair. I also straightened my side bang. Done!

I grabbed my backpack and strolled out of the room.

I walked downstairs to find Kat making me some toast.

"Thanks Kat" I said as I sat at the table and she put the plate of toast down.

"Your welcome sweetie.. And you look very pretty today." She said with a smile shot at me.

I smiled back and stated "Thank you.. you look wonderful today also, Kat"

"Why thank you" She said and turned and started putting some breakfast on another plate for her.

She sat at the table and started eating. She paused for a moment to ask me "So.. you excited for your first day of school?"

I had some food in my mouth, so I swallowed it and said "yea.. of course! I'm VERY excited!"

"That's good… and you know Austin and Kyle…" she said and put some food into her mouth.

"Yea.." I said and smiled and poked around at my food.

After we ate, I got up and put my plate in the sink. I ran to the door and yelled "BYE M-!" I caught myself again. "KAT!" and ran out the door to Austin's car. I got in and buckled up. Austin wasn't the bad boy type that had the hot rod, and when I got in, grabbed me and french kissed me; INSTEAD, I got in his Volvo, and he leaned over and kissed my cheek.

I smiled and blushed. He started the engine, and we drove off to school.

When we arrived to the large salmon colored building that had Casper High School letters on the side of the building, Austin held my hand and we walked to the front doors. I flipped my hood over my head.

He looked like he knew what he was doing. He high fived (manly) and said "Hey man!" to some of the guys we passed by. The guys looked at me weirdly then looked at Austin like 'Who is she?' or 'is that your girlfriend?'

I kept my head low, and some of my hair fell into my face. I twirled a piece of my hair, and kept walking. I speeded up my pace and wanted to get into the building as fast as I could, so we could get away from all the whispering, and staring people.

I practically yanked Austin into the building, and then I pulled down my hood.

"Why the urgent need to get inside?" Austin asked.

"Two words. Staring. And People." I said with a laugh.

Austin chuckled and grabbed my hand. We strolled into the office.

"Hi, miss, I'm new to this school and I was told to come here to get my schedule and my locker number and combination." I asked smiling at the blonde young office receptionist.

"Name?" She said rudely with a smug look on her face.

I dropped my smile and said "Gabbie Moreli, THANKYOU VERY MUCH"

The young lady looked at me and smirked. Was the whole 'THANKYOU VERY MUCH' thing too much?

Austin put his hand over his mouth holding himself back from bursting into laughter.

The woman handed me my schedule and my locker number, and combination.

"THANKYOU" I said and turned and swooshed my hair towards her and walked out the office doors.

Austin immediately burst into laughter. I started laughing too.

"Didn't know you had such a tiger in you." He said laughing.

"Meowww…." I growled and bent over hysterically laughing.

When we stopped laughing, Austin put his arm around my waste, and pulled me towards the stairs. We walked up the stairs, and of course, clumsy me fell 'up' the stairs. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! Yes. Yes it was.

I found my locker, and put in the combination. FAIL. I tried again. FAIL.

"Want me to show you how?" Austin asked politely.

"Yea.. thanks" I said and my cheeks flushed red.

"You go to the right first, and then you…" He said, but I lost him after 'then you…' I was staring at him. He was AMAZING!

Suddenly, he opened my locker, and smiled at me and said "There! You got it?"

"Uh… YEA. Thanks so much babe." I said. I looked down and realized what I just said. He stood there staring at me. I gently trickled my fingers on my lips. I just called him… babe. He trickled his fingers on mine and grabbed my hand. He pulled me to him. I looked up at him like 'what?'

"I love you.. and its okay if you call me babe. Will you go out with me Gabbie?" He said. And he leaned towards me and placed his forehead against mine. He brushed his lips gently against mine. Then he pressed his lips against mine. I pressed mine back.

With my eyes still closed, and my forehead still against his, and my face only a few inches away from his, I replied "Yes… I love you too Austin.. and yes I will go out with you." I pressed my lips against his, and lifted my foot as I kissed him against the lockers. He smiled.

Luckily it was in the middle of class, and no one saw us.

"We better get to class…" Austin said.

"Oh…" He leaned down and turned his tone to a whisper. "I got our schedules to be the same." And he winked at me.

I smiled and did a little girlish giggle. He locked his fingers in mine, and I rested my head against his arm in between his elbow, and his shoulder.

We got into class and gave Mrs. Ortega, our passes. She looked at the slip, and said "Welcome Gabbie" and swiftly feathered her arm to show me the classroom. "Sit wherever you like. No assigned seats." She said with a smile.

"Thankyou." I stated, and followed Austin to the middle of the room seats. The teacher started her lecture.

"Your lucky Gabbie.. we JUST started a new section today." She smiled.

I smiled back.

My first day of school. I wonder why kids say school is stupid. Huh.