Honey, We're Headed Straight for Hell

from high-rise rooftops
we watch the dazzled glow
cast in city windows
as the world burns below

baby, ain't it beautiful?

down there, where little ants dance
to demon-driven melodies
in a ballroom of broken streets
where they play masquerade

don't look down now, darling

"ashes like snow,"
screams the blind man
as the thread is cut
from his eyes sewn shut

but my love, it's too late

with holy water hand grenades
they'll drown out their demons
and scale skyscrapers to
escape their own floods

there's no time to save souls, sweetheart

but these towers are timely
flames bite at their bones
and only we'll see the beauty
in watching them fall

'cause honey, we're headed straight for hell

A/N: This is my entry for the October 2009 WCC, based on the image prompt: .

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The Eternal Masquerade