Well, this was a humanities assignment... I decided to post it, because I thought it was pretty good. Dark, but good.

It was supposed to mostly be about overcoming drugs or depression. Something like that, anyway.

Watch out! You only have a minute left.

The world is spiraling into despair.

In your anguish, the dark swallows you as you fall, bereft.

And your light is glimmering ever weaker.

And as you fall into the pit of shadows, your life force drains.

As you delve deeper into the hole,You think up ways that you may be able to feign

An upbeat face, though what's tormented is none other than your soul.

Hearing the thunder clap, you shiver,

Feeling the weight of the water.

The rain streams into a merciless river,

Engulfing your emotions so thoroughly.

The spark once there remains no more,

As you search for it in vain,

You come across a hopelessly promising door.

A passage into the underworld,

Tempting you as though you're resigned by fate.

Though when you pull, the door grows heavier still,

And what is inside is foretold by dread, and what keeps coming, the weight.

You still pull, in vain though, I am afraid,

The mere technicalities wil not keep you out.

You pull ever harder, until it's clear.

You resist with great wrath the truth,

But you will need some help, my dear.

You reach to the arms that have been asking you so,

"Oh, please, please don't let us go,"

They drag you, however. They've tricked you.

They pull up while you push down, but the light grows ever more blinding.

You are finally released into the sunlight,

And now you have begun to see.

The road behind you was ever so winding,

As you look back on it, you feel evermore free,

Free of the tormenting blackness.

It will always await you at the bottom of the pit,

But now you've done much debating,

You will skip the hardships of getting to the floor,

And instead let Death do the waiting.