Hello everyone this is my first story ever so please be nice about it...jk...but it really is the first story I finished AND showed o everybody :D

I hope you like it XD

There she is.

Just like always she's at the same spot of the train station.
Just like always she tries to pass of as invisible putting a wall between her and the outside world.

She isn't anything out of this world, she's the vulgar plain girl you see everyday. By plain girl I mean those who aren't idols wannabe, and I really mean that since I can barely put a straight face when they are around the guys giggling incessantly.
However that girl is different I never really talked to her and she's always alone so I never heard her speak. I don't even have the slightest of what her name may be.

If there's one thing I learned from observing her everyday is that she always has a jacket with her, independently if its summer or winter, it's raining or it's sun, it's cold or not. Personally I think carrying jackets it's really bothersome. The truth is that after some time observing her I noticed that she never feels hot, she's always cold. Sometimes during the winter I see her putting her hands inside the jacket trying to warm herself up while the feet's and nose are freezing . Whenever I see that I imagine myself giving her my big hot jacket to keep her warm or warming up her small hands on my big never cold hands.

Everytime I look at her eyes I only see a little girl waiting for something to warm her, something to melt everything about her.
Everytime I see that I find myself standing a step closer to her.

One day I'll be able to stand next to her and talk to her but for now… for now I think I'll just keep watching her everyday at the same time on the same spot the train station.