What can I say? This is...


Looking in the mirror, I see so much passing by

I look into my face but I can only see the lie

That smile is just a cover for the way i feel inside

Just take a look into my eyes and I see that I am tired

Tired of what? I've asked myself, a million times or so

And then I look down in myself, I see me and I know

Im tired of how I've laid my life, it's not what i want to show

I want to see my other me, and let my lightning grow

This burning deep inside of me is just a little taste

But letting all my anger out would only be a waste

I brought it on my own fool self, so I deal with it inside

And that is what my soul and me are tired of trying to hide

And whether I believe or not, that that's the better way

Let me tear me up inside, until a better day

Far away from anyone to hear my screams of pain

Of all the hell I've put me through freed from inside my brain

I'm tired of masking all my hurt, and letting no one in

Cause holding hurt just hurts me more, time and time again

Days go by and then go years, I'm still barley holding on

The way that it's been breaking me, I know I'm not this strong

A glance at my eyes just reveals a smiling friendly face

Just don't dare look deep into them, I've seen that empty space

I've known nowhere that lonely in all my living days

I try to focus but only get an endless foggy haze

"That's not right" I tell myself, "there should be something there"

But all I see inside of me is me standing in nowhere

I've burnt up everything inside, to keep emotions down

Nothing like self-sacrifice to make the perfect ground

I'm tired inside and so I leave the mirror on the wall

No time to ponder what to do, my heart sounds "closing call"

It's time to leave myself behind, but I'll be back again

Next time that I forget just how tired I really am