Prologue In Verse


She was fire carried by light
and oh, what a beautiful sight it was
and I would carry her in elegance,
to that balcony at the very top of the stairs
and dance to a midnight waltz.

And I sang to Hero from across the sea
and I called to her
at the very top of the tower,
with the moon reflecting like glitter
over the blackened water.
But I was not strong enough
and my voice, I think, too weak

...Hero, I'm afraid I must leave you,
for these waves and these winds
are too much for me to bear alone.


I can't stop his hymns
from hum-humming in my head,
as the moon sinks behind the tower
and the seconds drift off into the Mediterranean.
Leander dances his words across this sea into me
but my voice is eclipsed in the darkness of the wind
and my light does not carry.
I cry for his absence
and hopefully my tears
will become tiny jewels to guide him.