A number of months ago, I thought up a wonderful idea: Why not use a series of extended metaphors to explain how I see women fitting into society? Explain the sociological tendencies, the common view, the expectations, anything that arose to mind. Unfortunately, that idea quickly modified itself: Being the lonely adolescent that I am, why not use it as a vehicle for art therapy?

Naturally, the facade continued to recede, until I can only see the possibility of an explanation for my actions over the last two years or so, at least in a certain department of my life. I've still injected several of my observations, but the focus is no longer an essay of sorts. Now, I focus on a certain duality that's been present for awhile now, and has only become apparent recently: misogyny and loneliness.

These few paragraphs, as such, are not a summary, and they are not a review. Rather, they are a warning. As a work of Art, "Women" seeks to hide itself and to reveal me. The contents are obscene, vulgar, and frequently degrading. They're the sorts of things that flash before your eyes just as you jump off a cliff. However, for the benefit of you lazy people, I will give a brief explanation.

"Not only am I going to rape you, but I'm going to make you want it, and I'm not turning the lights back on until we're finished."