Chapter 2 - School days

As a young boy, Leon had been climbing a large tree, in a game of laser tag. He had lost his footing, and fell. Fell the equivalent of four stories. He remembered blacking out on the way down. The next thing, he felt the pain of his body slamming into the hard earth at almost 200 miles per hour. It had left him with only one scar. An emotional one that forced an insane phobia of heights.

Later, Luke had found him lying on the floor. Leon had told Luke he had fallen from pretty low down, and hit his head on the ground. He had told him had a major headache, and had went home. He wasn't in the slightest pain, and after washing the blood from his chest, found no injuries.

Since that day, he had learned about other abilities. He had jumped heights and distances no other could. He had run fast enough to overtake every car on a motorway, and even broke his neck. Yet here he was bounding up stairs, as if he was a regular person, wearing pro-jump kangaroo stilts. It took him about 3 seconds to get from the quad outside, to the door to room 227. Unfortunately the earphone hanging from his collar couldn't stay in while he flew up the steps… he plugged it back in, and tucked it in a little, to hide it

Being the first day of the new academic year, Leon was given his timetable, and asked to fill it in on his laptop tablet. He pulled the device out of his bag, out of its case, and onto the desk. He plugged the network cable into the device, and downloaded the new planner software. Then he grabbed the screen, and twisted it round, folding it back down on its self. He picked the tablet up, and drew the stylus from its holster. He wrote the different lessons into the various spots. As he did, he read them, taking a mental note of his schedule.

Last year, Leon had had to pick his four GCSE option subjects for key stage 4. He had chosen to go for Drama, as he liked acting, Art, because he could sort of draw, geography, because it was one of his better areas, and French, because he didn't want to stop learning the language half way through school.

It looked to be a decent day. As the alarm signaled the start of first period, Leon stood up, and packed away his laptop. He left for drama. First thing on a Monday morning, wasn't a very good time for drama, seeing as it was a very energetic subject. The class could barely stay awake, as they listened to a talk about how hard the course would be, and that it isn't just a sit-off. Luckily, Leon had something to concentrate on, other than the random lyrics from Miike Snow.

She was 14 too, although her birthday was at the other end of the year, making her about 6 months younger than him. She had chestnut hair that contrasted her grey eyes. The only eyes Leon really looked at... Freya Lightheart was a dancer. The school dance squad was generally filled with the girls that thought they were better than everyone else, but Freya was different. She was at the bottom of the dancer hierarchy, even though she had the most talent of them all, simply because she wasn't like them. She didn't think she owned the place, and she didn't spend her time exploiting her body to the boys. She didn't care if they found her sexy, just that she could put n a decent dance. But of course, she never had the chance seeing as the others but her at the back or something, where she couldn't show off.

Freya Lightheart didn't really have friends, so she was stuck with the dancers during break and dinner, but they used her. She was just to make it look like they had more friends, or to hole their bags while they had a little dance to the music in the dining room. Leon could tell how unhappy they made her, but she didn't want to be left alone. He could empathize her situation, and knew how difficult it must be for her. Of course, he hadn't always been friends with Luke and Jonas… for a while in year seven; they had all fallen out over something stupid… Leon couldn't remember what it was, but he knew that it was silly.

Leon jumped, as the bell went, as he snapped back into reality. He shook it off, and picked up his bag. He had maths now. He met with Luke and Jonas in the quad, and the three of them walked up to maths. Possibly the most boring thing ever conceived, an hour of learning about numbers and such… he considered catching up on some of the sleep lost… but he knew it wouldn't work…

As usual, the rest of the day was boring. Math's, then break, followed by IT, and then PE, and finally, English. Leon hated school already. As he slowly slumped into his house, he was already considering dropping out of school, but in reality, he couldn't. He needed an education; he needed a good amount of GCSE's, if he ever wanted a good life. But then, was it possible for him to have a good life, trying to guard a secret such as his?

Tuesdays weren't very good. French first thing, followed by art, which turned out to be a lot worse than Leon thought. Then he had science, in which he learned a whole new meaning of the word hatred, towards his new teacher, and then RE, which was actually fun seeing as the class decided it was a better idea to throw things around, than to learn about philosophy. Last lesson, he had maths yet again. He hated maths. At least his Wednesday looked better.

He had geography first thing, in which he was given a letter explaining the geography course, in which a field trip was compulsory. A residential trip, up to the Lake District, a national park in Cumbria. They would stay in a chalet for a week, where they would learn about the development of the town of Bowness-upon-Windermere, and about how glaciation had shaped the Langdale Mountains.

Next lesson, Leon had BTEC PE, in which they studied the theory behind the sports. Leon was sat behind Freya. He didn't understand why he liked having her around him, but he did. Even as she sat facing away from him, her beautifully chestnut brown hair was enough to keep his eyes entertained. BTEC was followed by maths, how much he hated math's…. then another long and irritating hour of science, and finally drama. Overall, a decent day.

Judging by the look on Frey's face, as she left the gates, her day hadn't been as good… she looked like she'd been crying… Leon wanted to go and say something, but he figured she wanted to be left alone. She walked alone. Friendless. Leon wished he had the guts to speak to her. He would be her friend, if nothing more.