A/N: This was originally posted as a multi-chapter story, but then I uploaded it as a oneshot, but under reconsideration, I prefer it as a multi chapter story. Thanks for reading it!

He paced the deck. It was night: the moon and stars had risen. He was waiting for her. The song of the mermaids eerily echoed across the oceans. It was beautiful and hypnotizing. He reached out to one as it lay stretched out on the rocks. It blew him a kiss, and dove into the water. Its hair was a midnight blue with purple streaks, and her tail was a shimmery purple of the same shade.

She was different than the rest; she hadn't chosen to be this way. But he thought her to be the most beautiful of them all. Her slender body was pale in the moonlight. He watched her swim gracefully. She punctured the calm surface as she came up to breath. Her hair cascaded down her body, reaching her tiny hips. She was wearing no clothes recognizable to the human race, except for two shells, which prevented her bare skin from being completely naked. They were purple as well, and tied on with a violet string. She saw him staring at her, and splashed him with her tail.

When he got the salty sea water out of his eyes, she had vanished. He longed to be with her. It burned inside him. She called him from beneath, luring him into the water. He shed his coat, hat, boots, affects and dove in.

Her mystical call beckoned him, but he couldn't find her. He couldn't breath, but didn't want to give up searching. His lungs burned as he searched for her, and his wet clothes clung to him, weighing him down.

She found him, and breathed into his mouth so he could breath under water as well. The other mermaids watched as the one the man loved let him slide from her arms and drift away... Her beautiful green eyes held a secret.

He knew what it was... She was exactly who he knew she was. She knew it, too. She turned and swam deeper, forgetting he could follow her, forgetting she had given him that power. The moonlight reflected off of her tail. She was scared by him, afraid he wouldn't love her anymore if he knew things could never be the same between them again. She longed to be human again, or at least have the power to choose what form she wanted to be in. She wanted to be back in his arms. She missed him too much. There was a hole where her heart used to be, because it was with him. It always would be. But she couldn't stand to see him sail away, as she had every night at midnight for the past...God knows how many days had gone by since she was transformed. She couldn't live without him, because life without him was dry and dull. Story of her life. Whenever she found something right, it ran from her. But this time, she'd change it. She didn't want it to be like this anymore.

She stopped swimming. He stopped behind her. She turned and looked steadily into his beautiful brown eyes. She knew he loved her. He knew she loved him. But she almost didn't know if their love could withstand all that had happened to her.

She swam closer to him and wrapped her arms around him. A tear slips down her cheek as she remembers. He embraces her as well. He feels the warmth of her skin through his soaked shirt. They float, balanced in the ocean water, with their faces just above the surface, holding each other, looking into each others eyes. Hers a hazelly turquoise green, his a deep, memorizing brown. He couldn't help it any longer. He couldn't hold back. He softly kisses her lips, and she feels more tears slide down her cheeks. The memories overwhelm her, but she lets him wipe away her tears like he always had.