Original Poem
By: Rebecca Nowack

Revised: 7/26/01


I sit alone thinking
Of the women who came before.
My mother-
Growing and living
In an era changing dramatically.
Thriving, with thoughts of
War on everyone's minds.
My grandmothers-
One living in a freedom,
Where women were gaining rights
The other living in a world controlled,
Being brave enough to chance a
New life in a new world,
Different from the one she knew.
And last my great-grandmother,
The only one I knew.
Who held her life long enough
To see two new centuries.
Thinking of these women,
I can only hope
To be as strong
As they.


This is dedicated to my great-grandmother, who died shortly before the new year. I wrote this before she died so this was originally written a little differently. This poem is probably the only piece of mine that, in my opinion, doesn't suck. I hope you ...

Ceres: What do you ...

Don't ruin the moment, Ceres. As I was about to say, I hope you enjoyed the poem. I'm changing my name to Rebecca Nowack after I convert/revise my stories.