Original Poem
By: Rebecca Nowack

Written: 5/20/03


Sitting alone,
of women who came before.
Growing and living
In eras changing dramatically.
with thoughts of
war and danger
on everyone's minds.

some who lived in freedom,
where women gained rights
Others making a way to better lives,
brave to chance
new lives in a golden world,
Different from ones they knew.

And last the great-grandmothers,
matriarchs of our time,
with stories to weave
and adventures to share,
of days and lives
long passed.

Remembering the women,
who granted the life I live,
who brought me to a new world,
who tell me of the past.
May I become
a woman as strong as they.


Rebecca Nowack
AIM: chaya311
"Logic is for those who cannot create their own realities."

Wendy: I had no idea all this was going on.
Dave: I did!
Wendy: (with heavy sarcasm) I'm sure you did. Resident genius and
psychologist that you are.
(My favorite lines from I play I did.)