So ya… this idea randomly came to me a few weeks ago and I wrote it in science class… Now I have late work and a short little writing thingy! Ohohoh ummmm I don't own the lyrics… it jus was floating in my head and partially inspired it. BUT the rest is mine…

IDK if there will be more or not…


It's a struggle, it's a war

And there's nothing that anyone's giving

One more day standing about

What is it for?


Sorrow. An almost painful sadness at times. When someone is in pain or will no longer feel it we are sad. Unlike the sharp bite of a paper cut this lingers. It may come in waves or be a blanket of misery over your life.

Sorrow is for the unchangeable reality of our lives and when it fades the memory is there, but the feeling is as ungraspable as moonbeams.

It's sink or swim and all to easy to give in and drown.

And she'd forgotten how to swim.


The stained white sink was like her. Stained, scarred, dirty, and ugly. Jamie wondered how it had come this far. It had started out innocently then she was hooked… The pain was wonderful… anchoring…

A knock on the door threw her into a panic. She hid the razor under the sink and tried to quickly clean incase someone went into the bathroom. It was time for another day of near whisper comments. The rumours, the crowds, and the stupidity of her classmates.