Adamantine Steel


Chapter Six

At around 6:00 pm on a Tuesday night, a handsome African American male with very good skin tone and a moderately muscular physique was walking out of a movie theater with his girlfriend. She was a slender yet perky breasted girl with long, flowing blond hair and milky white skin. She was strikingly beautiful to the point that she turned the heads of many of the men and boys who saw her.

"That was a wonderful movie, Carlton. I really enjoyed it," the girl said, affectionately holding his arm in hers. "I love how you always pay attention to what I want and listen to what I have to say unlike my last boyfriend."

Carlton Banker dressed in preppy clothes, walking with his back straight and his eyes looking forward. "I always pay attention, especially to whatever you're saying, Sandra. Now it's time I get you back home. We don't want your parents worrying about you now," the young man said, looking at her lovingly.

"You're always concerned about my welfare, Carlton. Not only am I in love with you, I like you as well," she replied, kissing him on the cheek.

"I try," Carlton said, blushing a little. However, in a few moments Carlton and Sandra found themselves surrounded.

"Ain't that sweet?" Billy Bob called out. "Is this him, Jeb?"

"This is him all right. Now I'm going to get even with him for taking my girl!"

"I'm not your property, Jeb!" the girl answered. "So why don't you and your jack booted friends get lost?!"

"Jack booted friends?! You belong to me, Sandra! And there's no way some high class darkie is going to take you away from me!" Jeb said, walking over to the girl and her new beau with a sense of menace.

"Get back, Sandra," Carlton said warily, getting in between her and the menacing Jeb.

"I'll show you!" Jeb made an attempt to strike Carlton with a right cross but missed. Then his opponent countered with a low kick to Jeb's left shin, following up with a well placed right to the jaw. These attacks sent Jeb to the ground, stunning him.

"Get him, boys!" Billy Bob ordered. As the thugs came at them, Carlton used his somewhat impressive combat skills to fight them off. He punched one and kicked another, but Jeb got up and grabbed Sandra, tearing off her skirt and blouse in the process.


"Dang! This girl is way too good for the likes of this coon!" one of the boys said.

"Sandra!" Carlton called out as the boys finally overwhelmed him, beating him up.

"Careful, boys," Billy Bob commanded. "We want this guy awake for the festivities!"

"That's right!" Jeb agreed. "We're gonna have ourselves a lynching tonight. I'll tell you what."

"We need to get them both out of here," Herman said. "I know where we can have our fun without prying eyes."

"Let's go then! Lead the way, Herman!" Billy Bob said as all of them left the well lit street, entered a couple of unusually large pickup trucks with their captives and drove off.

"What's going to happen, Ned?" a cafe owner asked the guy who owned a butcher shop right next door. The both of them had walked out of their places of business to watch the spectacle.

"Who knows? Who cares? None of our business anyway, Rob. That black guy had a lot of nerve flaunting his relationship with such a beautiful white girl. What did he think this place was, Southern California?"

"I really didn't like him dating that girl either, but does he deserve to get lynched over it?"

Then the butcher turned towards his neighbor, looking at him very seriously for a moment. "Listen, Rob. The number of White Aryan Resistance members has been growing steadily in this town for years now. They're violent and don't take prisoners. So do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut about this. Besides, Billy Bob is good friends with a son of the sheriff. Take care of your business, Rob. Take care of your own business." With that the butcher walked back into his shop.

"Where are you taking us?!" Carlton demanded, still in pain as the jackbooted thugs held him down.

"Quiet, boy! We're gonna have us a barbecue tonight!"

"We're gonna have a barbecue after we're done here?" one of the larger men holding Carlton down asked, licking his lips.

"No! You ate over an hour ago, Orville," one of the guys also holding their victim replied. "What we're going to do is take a flame thrower and burn this boy alive. This will learn these coons to stay in their place."

"What?!" Carlton yelled, renewing his effort to break free of his captors hold.

"Shut up!"

"Ungh!" Carlton moaned as one of the guys struck him in the head, knocking him out.

"Stop hitting him! You'll kill him!" Sandra protested.

"Shut up, you whore! We'll deal with you after we're done with him. We're gonna make sure no white girl ever even looks fondly at one of these guys again," Jeb threatened his former girlfriend. Then he looked her up and down with an evil smile on his face.

"Don't even think it, Jeb! You're never touching me again! Oh!" she screamed as Jeb slapped her.

"I'll think what I like, and I'll do what I like. You'll find out later after I'm done burning your black boyfriend to crisp. Heck, he'll be blacker than he is now after I'm through with him. In fact, let me take a look at you."

"Eeek!" the girl screamed, trying to cover herself after Jeb had cruelly tore her bra off.

"Your tits and ass belong to me, bitch. Had you stayed with me like you should have, I'd have been a whole lot nicer to you. Since you've taken up with this bastard, you're now a whore to do with as we all please!"

Sandra shivered as she regarded the hot rage of her former boyfriend, surprised at the intensity Jeb was showing. "Don't do this, Jeb. Please don't," the young girl sobbed.

"Don't bother begging for mercy now. That ship has sailed. After we're all done having our way with you, I'm gonna move on with my life and get another girl. She'll be a real white girl who knows her place."

"We're here!" Herman called out.

"Is this it?" Billy Bob asked, looking at all the trees around.

"Yes," Herman answered.

"This is the Angelina National Forrest. Won't the forest ranger give us a hard time over what we're doing?"

"No. You're not the only one who has friends in high places. I know the guy who's working tonight. He's not going to show up in this area," the South African immigrant answered.

"That why you were in such a hurry to do this tonight?"

"It had to happen within two or three days from now, but I really wanted to see this. I also know where to dispose of the bodies so that no one can legally pin this on us, but everyone will get the message we send. I've done a lot of this kind of thing from before when I lived in South Africa before Apartheid got gutted. Now that I'm here the last thing I want is to let a wonderful state like Texas go the same way."

"You really thought this through, didn't you, Herman? Well let's get this party started!" Billy Bob announced, getting out of the trucks along with everyone else. Then Billy Bob took notice of their current victim. "Why is that coon asleep? Wake him up somehow."

"I figured there would have been a need to beat this kaffir up. So I brought this with me. Hold him tight," Hendrick explained as he took a hypodermic needle out from a small black case he was carrying and walked over to Carlton and injected him.


"There. Now he will stay awake."

"Good work, Hendrick," Herman said to his twin brother.

"Yeah. You guys are really coming in handy. Now let's break this boy's legs so he won't be able to run away," Billy Bob ordered.

"Yeah!" Before Carlton could completely wake up one of the larger boys took hold of one of his legs while another did the same. Then they forced the very agile boy to practically do the splits.

"That's not how you do it. Hold him down while I learn you how," Billy Bob said. Then he walked over to their captive, using his massive strength and skill to smash Carlton's knees, effectively breaking his legs.


"Carlton!" Sandra called out.

"Shut up!" Jeb ordered, covering the girl's mouth.

"She can scream all she wants; no one will be able to hear her from here," Herman explained. Then he turned towards Jeb. "Are you ready to light this guy up?"

"Darn tootin, I'm ready!" Jeb answered, stepping forward. "Where's that flamethrower?"

"Right here, Jeb!" Billy Bob answered, taking it out one of the trucks and setting it up.

"While you're getting that doohicky ready, we can douse this guy with a heavy dose of gasoline!" Several of the guys took out some canisters of gas and started pouring it all over the injured, young man.

"What are you doing? This can't be happening! This is the 90's!" Carlton said, wiping his eyes clean of the fiery liquid and seeing Jeb turning on the flamethrower.

"So what if it is the 90's?! You had no business taking up with a white woman! Now you're gonna get what's coming to you! This will teach your kind to stay in your place!"

"All right. Get away from him, boys," Jeb said, flicking on the machine. "And now!"

"AAAARRGGH!" the young man screamed as the flame engulfed him.

"Nooo!" Sandra cried out.

"This coon isn't as tough as the other one!" a guy who was with Billy Bob when he had used the flamethrower on Sam Hill on his way from school the other day exclaimed. He watched with interest as Carlton writhed in pain as the flame consumed him.

"That's right, Clem. Unlike that idiot, Sam Hill, this guy can feel the pain," Billy Bob answered as the event unfolded.

"Aaagh!" Carlton screamed, rolling on the ground.

"You murderers!" Sandra screamed as her lover finally finished burning to death. "I don't care what happens to me. I'm gonna tell everyone what happened here today!"

"Like $#& you will!" Jeb replied, turning off the machine. "Now it's your turn." Jeb walked over to the restrained girl and tore off her panties. "I gonna F#$ you one last time before you die. Set her on her back, boys!"

"We gotta grab her legs and pull them apart!" one of the guys called out as Jeb undid his pants.

"No! No! No!"

"Shut up, bitch!"


All the guys there laughed as the young girl screamed at what was being done to her, the guys taking turns as the night wore on. However, little did they know that a nerdy teenage boy was videotaping them. "This is horrible. I have to get this tape out to the media somehow," Maynard Goldman thought to himself as he hid in the shadows.


"What happened here, Sheriff, some kind of ritual murder?" a reporter asked about the two carcasses lying on the side of a main road while a photographer took pictures.

"Don't let your imagination go wild, Dorian. The perps who did this are probably long gone by now." Angelina County Sheriff Roscoe Pete Waller was a large, muscular man with bright red hair and a huge gut. But make no mistake about it; he was as strong as a bull and made out of steel.

"How can you be sure about that?" Dorian asked, putting the microphone in the sheriff's face.

"Don't tell me how to do my job, little man! I know what I'm talking about."

At that point a middle aged man dressed in overalls walked up to them. "Howdy, Sheriff."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Jesse Jacobs. You know what happened to my daughter yesterday." Jesse Jacobs was a slender, wiry man with close cropped blond hair and movie star good looks. He even resembled a cowboy from the 1930's despite the fact he was over 40 years old.

"I heard something about it. I have another guy looking into that right now. The best thing you can do is stay out of the way and let me and my men do their jobs."

"Is there anything I can do to help you? I figured one of your men would have questioned me by now."

Then the sheriff turned angrily towards the wealthy farmer, his eyes bulging with rage. "Lookie here, Mr. Jacobs. I'm getting sick and tired of everyone telling me how to do my job! I'm sure one of my men will talk to you about what happened when the time is right. Now git out of here, before I arrest you for obstruction!"

The slender man regarded the sheriff for a moment then turned around and walked away solemnly.

"I'm sure it was Billy Bob and his new friends who done this. Even if they went to trial for it, they probably wouldn't get convicted for it. Too many people in this here town hated to see a black guy with a white girl. It might not have been so bad if the white girl was fat and ugly, but did that guy have to take up with one of the best looking girls in town?!" the sheriff thought to himself as he regarded the crime scene.


"You guys ready?" Buck Wilder said to his cohorts while they hid behind some trees in a forest a couple miles from town. Buck had black hair and a rather hefty build, standing at a good height of six feet four inches tall. He was a somewhat good looking guy, but the aura of fear he gave off marred his appearance. His two main lieutenants, Nick Hall and Simon Greely, in his twelve man crew nodded their heads, prompting the other ten boys there to do the same.

"We're ready already!" Cyrus almost yelled.

"Quiet! Nick, Simon, and I have been scoping this area for tail for a few days now. The girls will be here any moment now, so be silent. And don't blow it for us!" Buck ordered.

"OK," Cyrus confirmed.

"This will be a piece of cake, Buck," Nick answered. Nick Hall was of a wiry, skinny guy with average looks, being a lot stronger than he looked.

"That's right. This will go off without a hitch," Simon Greely said. Simon was a short, rotund young man with strong muscles covered with fat.



"Here's how it works guys," Buck Wilder said to his friends while in the garage of his large home. "Because of what's going on in this town and the fact that we're football players, we can do whatever we want. That includes having almost any girl we want. We just have to be careful about how we go about things."

"I'm surprised there's not more of us here," one of the boys commented.

"It's a bad idea to have too many guys doing this at a time. I was there when Bubba Jack Waller tried to get his hands on Ambrosia Walthers," Buck answered. "But when he and the rest of us got to her we almost got caught by some Texas Rangers."

"Isn't Bubba's father the sheriff of this here town?" another one of them asked.

"Yes, but if those Texas Rangers caught us doing what we were doing, Bubba's father wouldn't have been able to have done jack about keeping him out of jail. Don't get me wrong. I'm a good friend of Bubba. I'm his cousin too, but despite that, we're going to be a whole lot more careful. Tell him, Nick."

"The most important thing about wilding is not to beat the girl up. Slapping her around a little bit is OK. Clobbering her to the point that she gets marks and scars all over her body is a bad idea."

"Why is that?" one of the boys asked.

Nick turned towards the one who had asked the question. This boy was a lineman who was very big and very strong. "The reason for that is because normally if a girl gets reamed by a bunch of guys she humiliated about it, not really wanting to tell anybody about what happened. In other words, she'd rather sweep it under the rug. However, if we beat the daylights out of her, bruising her all over her body, everyone will ask her who beat her up. At that point she will have no choice but to tell her family and friends what happened to her. So no ruff stuff."

"Aw, man," the large, muscular boy complained.

"You can't beat up on the target like you do your girlfriend, Jobob," Nick answered coldly. "And we're not here to beat up on these girls, we're planning on having some fun with them. We're strong guys. And there's enough of us so that we can easily hold the girl down without beating the living daylights out of her. Understand?"


"Answer him, Jobob!" Buck demanded harshly.

"All right. I get it."

"Good. Now for the next point. Tell him, Simon," Buck ordered.

"The next important thing is choosing our playthings. She or they should be out somewhere we can get to them without too many people watching what we're doing. There can't be too many of them either. As we said earlier, we need to make sure we outnumber our target or targets, so they don't get away from us. We need to make sure we can control the situation. We also need to make sure there aren't any brave boyfriends or brothers around when we do our thing," Simon explained.

"What does it matter if the target's boyfriend or brother is there?" one of them, Cyrus, asked.

"The reason for that is if the target's boyfriend decides he wants to fight us..."

"We kick his ass!" Cyrus shouted.

"Keep it down! Yeah, we kick his ass. What happens when the boyfriend goes to the hospital?" The boys looks at Simon for a moment. "He tells everyone what happened to him and who beat him up."

"Won't he be too embarrassed to admit that he got beat up when his..."

"No! He won't have a choice!" Simon interjected. "If he ends up in the hospital, the law enforcement and his family will force him to tell them what happened. At the end of it all, everyone will see him as a hero for trying to protect his girlfriend or sister. And even if we beat the rape rap, they'll be able to nail us for assault! We need to think things through unlike those guys from New York who raped that teacher who was jogging through the street."


"That's what we're for gentlemen. We're going to have some fun, but we have to be careful about this," Buck explained. "When the time is right, we'll find some fresh meat to consume, but we're gonna plan this right."


"There they are. Put the masks on." Over the hill came four pretty young girls, wearing red shorts and tight white T-shirts.

"All right. We can stop here!" the tallest one of the girls said.

"Huff! Huff! Gee, Tawnia. Why do we always have to go out in the middle of nowhere?"

"I done told you already, Jane. If we're gonna drink some of my uncle's moonshine, we have to do it far away from prying eyes. This is the best place for us to do some quality drinking, so we can rest right here," Tawnia Smith answered.

"Yeah. This is a nice place for us to get snockered," another girl in the group commented. "I love it when we come here."

As the girls sat down and began to pass the bottle around, they sat in a circle. In the meantime, Buck held his crew off. "What are we waiting for?!" Cyrus demanded.

"It would be a whole lot better if we bag these girls when they're drunk on whatever illegal hooch they're drinking. Now calm down," Buck ordered harshly.

Then the girls began to get up and walk away. "They're gonna get away!" Cyrus exclaimed.

"All right. It's time we introduce ourselves." At that point, Buck and his friends came out from behind the trees from which they had been watching their prey. "Afternoon, ladies."

"Who are you?!" the leader of the group, Tawnia, demanded to know as she began to come out of her drunken stupor.

"We just wanted to join the party," Buck replied from within his mask.

"Um. The party's over, and we're going home right now," Tawnia answered pertly, motioning to her friends to leave quickly.

"It ain't over until I say it's over!" Buck demanded as the girls found themselves surrounded by his cohorts.

"We're leaving now!"

"No, you're not! Get 'em boys!" In a matter of seconds the boys had the girls pinned down. This happened quickly since the guys had trained and practiced this routine a few times in the past.

"Let us go!"

"Quite! Let's see what this girl has under her blouses," Buck said as he tore the girl's clothes off.

"What a pair of assets!" Simon exclaimed. "Let's take a look at the others. Keep 'em pinned down, boys," the rotund boy ordered as he proceeded to take the tops off the other three girls.

"Eeeeek! No!"

"Silence!" Nick demanded harshly. "No one can hear you out here anyway. This place is out of the way, remember?" Now let's take a look at the rest of their bodies.

"No! Stop!" the girls sobbed in protest as the boys stripped them naked.

"Wow! I've never seen better bodies!" Cyrus said happily.

"This is better than looking at a magazine, I'll tell you what," Jobob said from within his mask. "Who's going first?"

"Let me put the tapes over their mouths first," Nick said as he proceeded to do just that. "It's done."

"I'll go first. I'm taking the tall one," Buck said, undoing his pants.

"You would get first dibs on the best looking one!" a boy complained.

"Don't worry about it. You'll get your chance."

Over the course of a couple of hours the Buck and his crew repeatedly raped the four girls as the others held them down. After everyone had had a turn, the guys left, leaving their victims on the ground naked without any serious bruises.

"That was great, Buck!" Nigel said happily as they walked away from the scene of their recent crime. "When can we do this again?"

"Idiot!" Buck exclaimed as he abruptly slapped him!


"I done told you not to say any of our names out loud! Don't ever do that again!" Buck ordered as Nigel stroked his aching face.

"I won't let it happen again," Nigel answered humbly.

"Best you don't." With that the boys made their way out of the forest.

Eventually, the boys made their way back to Buck Wilder's garage. "All right. Now we can relax," Buck said as he and the others took their masks off.

"I guess we'll leave and meet back here next week?" one of the boys asked.

"Wait, guys!" Neal Spelling, a wiry young man with black hair and a hawk-like nose exclaimed excitedly.

"What is it?" Simon asked, looking over at him without a lot of patience.

"I was skulking around the other day."

"So what? What about it?" Buck asked.

"I found out that the principal and the vice-principal have no intention of protecting the wimps at the school."

"Big frickin deal! Everybody knows about that!" Nick answered pertly.

"There's more to it because of that," Neal explained. "The people who run the school said something about equal protection under the law. That means since they refused to protect guys like Sam Hill and the others, they can't protect anyone. That means we can attack anyone at any time. Don't you guys get it?"

"I see what you mean," Buck said soberly. "I've read about that. We still have to be careful though."

"Doesn't that mean we can go after any girl we want?" Neal asked excitedly.

"You're right up to a point. I'm glad you've brought this subject up here before doing anything, Neal. We still have to watch ourselves though. Maybe we can get away with grabbing some tits and ass, but anything that's really serious has to be done carefully," Buck explained.

"Right. I didn't want to do anything without your say so, Buck," the hawk nosed boy replied. "The school is locked into that right now. If they protect anyone from us, they can get sued. There's nothing stopping us now!"

"I understand that, Neal. By the way, how did you find out about this?" Buck asked.

"I was out skulking around when I heard the principal talking about Sam Hill's mother calling to complain about him getting set on fire the other day. I sneaked by the door to find out what was going on."

"Good job, Neal. What you heard will give us more freedom, but we still have to be careful about how we do things. Taking some girl out in the hallway of the school in front of everybody is still out of the question."

"Why not, Buck?" Jobob piped in. "We can do whatever we want now."

Buck looked around, giving his crew a stern look. "You guys need to know that I have it on good authority that some of the geeks at this school lurk around using hidden video devices."

"What does that matter?" Jobob asked.

"If we did anything like some of you suggest, we'd get caught on tape. If we did anything at school like we been doing, Equal Protection Under The Law won't make much of a difference. Now, maybe we can take some liberties, but we still have to watch our step."

"All right. We all hear ya," Jobob said as the others nodded. "We're gonna have ourselves some fun before the school year ends!"


AUTHOR'S NOTES: I hope the shorter chapters are better for everyone .