she is being crushed, i can feel it. i don't know why they'd do that to her, but i can feel her bones crack and crunch under their weight on her body. snap. break. pop. sockets loose eyes rolling out of sockets bones popping out of sockets, pop. she's gone. we're gone.

i don't know why they made me feel these things, why i get to hear her thoughts, why i feel the things she feels. it scares me to feel it, to know what she's thinking about how she thinking it. her pain made us die.

there were moments of bliss though. blood rushing, toe curling, blissfully maddening bliss. i love every moment of it, my eyes rolling back, low moans building in my throat, building building explode. mental physical warmth all over.

i hated when she was mad, and i loved when she was happy, and her sadness made me cry and her anger gave me rage and all this time, if i had known i would feel even sadder.

this girl who smoked coke and gave me head rushes, this girl who rode the biggest roller coaster til i threw up from the elation and the fear, this girl who danced her dangerous dances with her alcohol induced comas and her razor blades, this girl who could not feel a thing.