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if you are my love,

love is not a game ,

nor it is an obsession ,

it is scarification ...

you wish for his happiness ,

a glimpse of his smile .

a tone of his voice ,

a touch of his warm,

something that hurt you,

something that make you smile like a fool ,

it is love...

his tone caught your heart,

his warm caught your soul ,

his smile brought you up ,

it is love ...

watching him,

staring at him ,

listening to his voice,

feeling his steady heartbeat,

and you loved every moment of it ,

it is love...

you wish for his happiness,

day and night ,

pray for his freedom ,

battle for his life,

it is love ...

holding him by heart ,

carrying him by soul ,

silent tear rolled down and met your cheek,

it hurts ,

it is love...

this is a feeling ,

this is something,

you could not see ,

nor could you hear,

you cross the sea even the mountains,

you tear and cried,

you shout in pain,

if you are lost without the one,

it is love...

you might only get to see him it from far,

the one might never hold you by heart,

but you find yourself smiling when he smiles .

because it is love...

thank you for reading =)

oh and i am sorry if anyone found any grammer or spelling mistake

sincerely -kiki ~