I remember when you swore you'd never look back

So why is it that we're so stuck back in the past?

I'm trying to see the answer, but the roads not clear

Making my way through the light, when you reappear

There's so many questions running through my head

Some filled with happiness most filled with dread

I feel like I'm drowning in this river of tears

Finding lost memories that bring back this fear

Standing here looking straight into your eyes

Brings back all the hate and despise

Turning around trying to walk away

But I just seem to be stuck in this daze

Why does life always seem, to suck for me?

Because I thought that I was finally free

Caught up again in this bunch tangled webs

Why is it that your face won't get out of my head?

You told me to listen and I swore I would

Although at the end I swore I never could

And I tried to walk away, but I couldn't move

So then it was time, for my memories of you to be removed

I jumped off a bridge into the cold sea

But then you jumped in and rescued me

I tried to walk away again but just couldn't leave

Because the fact that I hated you, I could no longer believe

We walked off into the sunset hand in hand

Knowing that our love, neither of us could understand