Now, see there is something all of you have to understand I am a very proud creature, and I have a right to be in my opinion. I am the only female spy, but I am not just some spy. I am a spymaster. My king has a soft spot for me, so the assassins say that I got my place by being a nice bed warmer for him. I have never spent the night with my king, and I never plan to be, one day while they were throwing insults my way I spun around and shouted something I regretted the moment it left my lips.

" I bet that I could take out anyone of you assassins." My chest was heaving with the force of my anger. The two that had started on me today stopped in their tracks and looked at each other. The one on the left had dirty blonde hair and beady dark eyes that set me on edge.

Slowly a sly, evil grin spread over his face. It made him look even uglier. If that was possible.

"I think that you might want to rethink that sweetheart," he said in a gravely voice. He throat had been slash once, and his nose was crooked from all the breaks. Assassins were never very beautiful.

"No, I mean what I said, I said what I mean," I growled out. My form was losing it's shape because of my desire to rip out his throat. The beast in me was just dying to clamp her jaws down on his throat, my inner beast was very, very temperamental. Especially when it was getting close to the full moon they were lucky it wasn't the day before, because then she is really bitchy.

"And don't ever call me sweetheart again," my throat changing so the words came out a bit strangled. He smirked at my lack of control over my anger. It pissed me off. Badly. I wanted nothing more than to smack they greasy, ugly face of his. But that would just prove him right so I reigned in my emotions, but just barley.

"Settle down wolfey don't get to mad wouldn't want to hurt you in defense of myself, sugar." he paused. "It would piss off they king if I were to mess up his bed warmer." He cackled gleefully at his own joke. It was rather pathetic really.

"And you couldn't take down the lowest assassin." He said in a tone that would be used for a child that was being naughty.

"I could too!," I spit angrily. "I bet you that I could take out your top assassin!" I was shouting into there faces probably drawling unwanted attention to myself and the two idiots in front of me.

"You are just a stupid child that is about to get in way over your head," he cautioned me. But I was not about to be put off by a little threat. I was a girl on a mission. First they insulted me by saying that I was the kings bed warmer, then they insulted my werewolf heritage, and then they called me a child. I was 18. Most girls my age had a husband and a baby on there hip.

"The top assassin is going to be assonated by the top spy and you can scoff and say it wont happen but I am going to kill him just wait and see." there was a fierce determination in my voice.

"Whatever you say sugar" the creepy greasy man said. He slinked towards me leaned over and whispered in my ear "It's your funeral honey cakes". And then he proceeded to stalk of like he had just one some kind of challenge, and for all that I knew he might have.

Because something gave me a feeling that assonating the top assassin in the country would be like trying to fly without wings, it would be impossible.

As soon as they had left I fled down the halls of the castle towards my chamber to get ready to assassinate the top assassin in the kingdom. It felt more like I was walking towards executer with his big axe already in the air just waiting to impale it self upon my neck. I think I am going to be sick.