I don't care what they say; the outside world is an illusion

No – scratch that – replace it with delusion

Now, let me explain

How I came to this conclusion

As I sit here

Within my sealed vault

The walls are sound-proof

So you can't hear me shout

but I can watch

People pass me each day

No passing glance

Or real words to say

Has me wondering

If my vault is see-through

Or more like you can't see me

but I can see you

But if this rings true

Than what am I supposed to do

So I try to break down the walls and escape

But this barrier pushes me back; its dictating my fate

I can't take this; no way this is right

Lock me up

Without getting a chance to fight

Am I to play the role

Of this world's spectator?

I have no clue

This I don`t need to bare

It feels like I'm stuck watching a TV

And I guess my existence

Was used as the fee

But if that is the case then


One station?


One program?


everyone wanting


they don't have

And as they time shifts

From days to months to years

I begin to lose any

Need for my tears

Or any of my fears

As I know that

The show is reaching its finale

It might even be good

enough to win an Emmy

But I no longer

Feel the need to watch

So I slit my wrists

And watch to fluids drop

And as it does this

I slip in and out of consciousness

And into a new world filled with bless

I remind myself

That all of this is a delusion

No – scratch that –

Its my own illusion