You never had experiences like this
Things that make you wonder if you really want to even finish
Things that push your sense of honour to their limit
They're experiences that you hope with time will go away
but life really doesn't work that way
Things never happen the way they are supposed to be
You adjust – you try to make it work – cause you can never leave things be
You've been programmed to never quit
But what do you do when thats the only solution that makes sense?
You question if you were ever as real as you thought
You try to convince yourself that 'you are,' cause that's the solution
But it isn't – and you know it
But your pride won't allow you show it
So you keep it hidden under your skin
Where its awaiting its chance to break through and create your end
And part of you wants it to succeed
Cause you want this pain to secede

But to give in means you're weak
To give in, means that you're too weak
To give in, means to give up
But thats not the way that you've grown up
So you swallow your pride
While you continue to hide
The festering thoughts that you don't want to hide
That you no longer feel the need or the want to lie
You want to tell the truth
The kind of shit that could fill a whole book
About each and every single thing that was done wrong
To get them to listen, maybe make it into a song
Throw in some percussions; the steady beats of a drum
Try to give off the impression that you're having fun
Hide the truth in the entertainment
Maybe then they could retain it

But this isn't the end, is what you say to try convincing yourself
Things could turn out alright if you believe in yourself
But see, thats where another problem arises
You're not alone; there is the presence of oh so many eyes
Not the audience who paid to see a show
But the people involved, don't you know
That no matter how good you are
In a group performance, there is little room to become a star
You're good and you know it
You no longer even see the need to show it
But your credibility and quality drop down without your approval
You have no control, and the little that you have, you soon lose it
With groups, you're only as strong as the weakest
And when you weakest displays itself in the form of a beast
And by beast, I mean bad
And by bad, I mean sad
And by sad, I mean real sad
And being real sad leads to you being real mad
But the time is up and the curtains pull open
You can't help but wonder how different you'd view the situation if you were smoking
All you can do is walk on to the stage
Meet the audience's intense gaze
As your self-doubt beings to quickly fade
Because there's no room for it when you're onstage

You hope that time goes by as fast as the Flash
And that in the eyes of the audience, this memory doesn't last