And so it was finally Christmas and then it was New Year's and there were celebration and celebrations, if you know what I mean. So with all the activities and the non-activities, the family and the friends, the people crowding all around and even the new officiality of it all, it was pretty late into the new year when we finally caught our breaths, settled down and reappeared quietly and sedately at the watering hole again, just the two of us. It was great to get out of public scrutiny.

And so she said, "And so the issue of all issues is really a non-issue, so why are we constantly fighting over it and killing over it?"

"If you're referring to the issue of oil, it is an issue. Because without oil, what's going to move your car?"

"There's solar energy and… electricity and other stuff."

"Not yet fully developed at this point of time."

"But that's the possibility, yes? Anyway, I wasn't referring to that issue. I kind of agree that it is potentially issue-like and well. Okay, but I wasn't referring to that."

"Oh? Then what were you referring to?"

"I was thinking more on why people fight over religion and God or gods or there not being a god or things like that."

"I don't think that's really a non-issue, you know. For some people it's all they have in life."

"Is it. Then they need a new life."

"And for some people, it should be all of their lives."

"Ouch, point taken. But what I mean is why can't people just accept that other people will believe what they want to believe?"

"Would you accept that your closest friend doesn't believe in the God that you believe in?"

"Well, I wouldn't like it. And I would try to change his mind, but if he refuses, what can I do about it?"

"It's funny that you refer to your closest friend as a he."

She shrugged. "I tend to be closer to guys than to girls."


"But why is even the existence of God an issue?"

"Because some people don't think he exists?"

"I thought evolution has already been disproved."

"It's a theory that has neither been disproved nor proved."

"So it could go either way?"

"I think so."

"But don't you think that the very fact that everyone has this impulse to find a god or prove that he doesn't exist is a proof in itself that there is one?"

"Are you trying out some kind of reverse psychology thought?"

"No, it's just obvious to me."

"But it isn't obvious to everyone else."

She sighed.

"You know," I started.

She looked up.

"You really have a tortured mind," I continued.


"Why? It's interesting."

"Am I torturing you? Dragging you through the pits of my despair?"



"I like you that way. If you didn't have a tortured mind, what would we ever talk about?"

She whacked me on the arm.
"Ouch, what was that for?"

"For teasing me."

"Oh, I don't get to tease you? That's not part of the boyfriend package now is it?"

"You get to, but I get to whack you for it."

"Ah, point of note."

"Are you sure you don't need an official document written up with clauses and disclaimers and all that?" she asked.

"You really should have been a lawyer. What are you again?"

"I'm a bum. So you'd better be prepared to support me for the rest of my life."

"Oh no, no. I'm going to get you a job."

"You will, will you? How exactly."

"I don't know. But I will."

"Very sweet of you, darling."

"I love you."

"I still hate you."

And we laughed.

"You know, I think your brother would have a fit listening in to our conversations," I commented.

"I know. That's why he's not allowed to."

"Not allowed to listen?"

"Nope, I've banned him."

"Oh, you have that power, do you."

"Yes. If he doesn't I just say I'll never talk to him the rest of my life AND I'll never let him get his hands on that Idea of North CD ever again."

"Ooh, you threatening person."

"Don't you love me that way?"

"I do, I do."

"I love it when you're afraid of me," she teased.

"Am I afraid of you?"

"Aren't you?"

"I don't know. I could just be playing along."

"By the way, this could potentially be another non-issue issue, if you get what I mean."

"Was it an issue?"

"It might be," or so she said.