Drug-poisoned Mind

Walking around in a haze

Mentally, she is confused and dazed

The room steadily continues to spin

She loses track of who, where, when

She laughs out loud

Acting so proud

When she stands up, she sways

She cannot walk the right way

Slowly the world becomes real

She manages to eat a solid meal

Her head begins to pound

She tries to walk around

Slowly, she becomes stable

Now she is able

Unknown memories flash through her mind

The previous night was one of a kind

She had so much fun

But now she's on the run

Her addiction has gotten the best of her

She can't even remember how many there were

The drug's and alcohol she's consumed

She almost quit, but stubbornly resumed

The life she leads makes her cry

She makes up for it by getting high

Her friends have left her on her own

During this struggle, she is alone

One day it leads her to the worst mistake

Her own life, she decides to take

The gunfire echoes: click, POW

Clinging to a note saying, "look at me now"