Because my summary pretty much sucks this is a bit more of what it's about: Rylan is having trouble adjusting to a new life when he feels he deserves to live in his old one. After Rylan takes a very big…leap of fate, he learns that men aren't as bad as they seem.

"No absolutely not," I said without thinking about it.

"Well, I talked to your teachers and they think this will be good for you," he said eyeing me, his tall figure towering over mine.

I shrunk back, standing down. "I….please! I can't! You know I can't, Bill! They'll make me stay in cabin full of guys." He'd give into me, wouldn't he? He wouldn't make me go, he knew how I was around people I didn't know. They mixed the schools up so what was the chance of me knowing anyone in my cabin?

"Grow some balls, Rylan," he snapped. "And stop wearing makeup."


"You're going," he snapped. "Go get packed."

I drug my slowly dying body up to my room and sat down, staring at the brightly disgusting walls. What was I complaining about? The room surrounding me was huge. I had everything I ever wanted, right? Bill would buy me a fucking elephant I if I told him I'd made me happy.

He adopted me for his wife when I was thirteen. I guess his wife was sick of dogs or something like that. I don't know when she divorced him when I was fifteen, she took the dogs and left me where with a man who'd rather not have me. What am I complaining about though? Bill saved me from a life of hell. Right?

I try to stay out of his way and do as he asks, but I still think he hates me. At least he's not like Him.

I groan.

There's no way I'll willingly pack for this horrendous adventure he's thrusting me off into.

I was happily absorbed in my new Beatles Rock Band when he served me this blow.

Right to the balls, man.


I shudder.

Fuck that.

I laid face down on my floor when a maid walks in.

"This doesn't look like packing," she said, jokingly.


"Are you now a carpet whisperer?"

"Yes, yes I am. I'm telling it to strangle me," I said.

She laughed, her eyes twinkling as she did so. "Come on, it won't be that bad. I'll pack your clothes," she even promised.

I sat up crosslegged to make sure she packed clothes I'd actually wear. It would be a horror if I had to go to camp and wear those godawful thinks Bill loved buying me. I brushed my dead straight black hair out of my face that usually hated me and decided it liked being everywhere it shouldn't.

"It'll be fun! I always loved camp," she said. "Maybe you'll meet someone nice."

"Doubt it."

She sighed as she grabbed my favorite pants and stuck them in a bag. Then more of my jeans I liked, not the loose ones Bill insists I wear. The shirts she packed were the same ones I'd have grabbed, that is if I'd have wanted to grab them. Which, I did not.

"You just have to go with a positive attitude!" she said.

I snorted.

She ignored me and went over to the drawer where I hid my cover-up I used on my scars, and my eyeliner. She stuck both in the bag. "I even stole you cookies," she said, hiding them in a pair of pants. "It'll be good to get away from the house. I'll see you in a week-and-a-half."

The door opened and Bill walked in, surprised the bag was actually packed. He couldn't have actually thought I packed it myself, could he? He grabbed it, then my arm and drug us both out the door, through the house and into the car…what fun.

"Can't we take…I dunno a different car? This one is just so…noticeable."

He threw my back into the Lamborghini and gave me no choice but to get in.

"Here," he said. "I got you one of those electronic book things," he said, handing me a back.

I gleefully opened the back and smiled. I held the silver beauty carefully in my hands. It was even all touch screen! "Thank you," I said.

"I put a few books on there," he said.

I opened and it and found the books, a bit scared that it'd be something like Charlotte's Web or a guide to be a normal child. "How did you pick these books?" I asked surprised.

"Sam," he said, talking about the maid who'd packed my clothes.

For some reason that made me disappointed.

"Um…thank you very much, I love it."

He grunted a reply.

"The drive was silent and slowly it was eating me up inside. At every red light I was tempted to yank open the door and run free, but I knew I'd just pissed Bill off and I was scared of any one pissed off.

It wasn't that I didn't like Bill. He was okay, really. He had peppered hair and blue-gray eyes. His wife was unable to have children so they sadly got me. The car had stopped, Bill was watching me.

"We're here."


"I'll see you later."


I got out and grabbed my bag and drug it toward the signs of life ahead of me.

"Welcome!" a happy counselor said.

Fuck my life.

"What's your name?" she cheerfully asked.

"Um…Rylan West."

"Stan, you've got another boy!" she yelled after checking her clipboard.

Stan was built like a football player who could break you into a thousand pieces with his pinky. I didn't like Stan. I looked behind me to see if the car was still near and I could run after it crying for Bill to rescue me.

When I looked back, Stan was staring at me like I was a freak. I probably was.

"Go put your shit in that cabin there," he muttered.

I walked away glad to get away from him, but the second I stepped into the cabin, I knew my life was fucked.

"Hey look at the emo fag," a male said.

Yes Bill, this will make my life better.

I threw my bag on the top bunk in the farthest corner as they watched me.

"I don't want to bunk by the faggot someone trade me!" a jock cried.

This gets a lot more exciting trust me! Please review! Pretty pretty please. The story seems a bit depressing at first but with everything depressing comes a smoking hot happiness lol. Hm…lately I'm into Lamborghini's lol.