Mourning. Again.

I sit silently here engulfed in this grief

I sit here closed to everything around me

My heart, it cries like the calls of a newborn child

No one hears it, muted for many miles

The question why pops into my head

You were taken from me, my only honest friend

My puppy, my baby…I really don't know what to say

If I ever found that man who took your life away

It would be the end of my existence, for I've taken too much

I'm tired of the bodies in the ground, all of my loves

Slowly God has taken all away from me

He slowly now deprives me of my dignity

Mourning…it is embedded in my soul

For all those who I will never see again

Send them my regards...maybe soon I will join you all

I jumped off the cliff a long time ago…

This has just been an unbearable fall….