A/N: Semi-incest, but not really. Does step-brother/step-sister count as incest? Rated M for language and later sexual themes.

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The Beginning

"If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one."

Do you think the person that said that quote ever even began to think about falling in love with someone forbidden? In my opinion, I'd say hell no. When you love someone that you shouldn't, you can't just sit back and "let it take its course." You can't pretend to be seeing if it's meant to be. You can't just chill and be like "Okay, if it works out, it works out, and if it doesn't, it doesn't."

If you want it, bitch, you've got to work for it.

But what if you wanted something that should never have entered your mind? What if you were Eve, and instead of the Forbidden Fruit being, well, a fruit, what if it was Adam? What if you were so head over heels for Adam that it didn't matter that you would be booted from The Garden of Eden? What if your heart ached for Adam so much, and he made you so weak from simply his memory, and he controlled your every thought, how could you ignore him? How could you reject him? Would it be possible? Would it even be thinkable?

Welcome to my world. Adam, my Forbidden Fruit, you just got me jacked from The Garden of Eden. Thanks a lot. Oh, and I love you.

In the immortal words of Eminem, "Bitches and gentlemen. It's show time."