AN:Warning! This story touches on a disturbing subject – please note that I am not advertising an ideal way to start a relationship. This is fiction and should be seen as such.


Damon Ashcroft watched the boy in the school uniform from behind the tinted windows of his BMW. He smirked to himself, unable to control the slight expression of anticipation on his face. It's been six months to the day since the first time he'd noticed the boy. A fortuitous sighting indeed.

The boy was laughing and joking with a group of friends as he walked out of the gates to the high school he attended. The blazer he wore made it obvious that the boy was in grade twelve; Damon knew this, since he'd worn the same colours about twelve years earlier. He was taller than everyone in the group around him, but lean. It had been clear to Damon from the first that the boy was well liked. He was always in the centre of a large group, not necessarily made up of the same students. Damon had initially been attracted by the boy's confident aura, and the easy manner with which he interacted with his friends. He'd also noticed the way the boy not-so-casually touched a red-haired boy who always seemed to be close to the centre of the changing group. He was confident none of their fellow students were aware of the deeper relationship between the boys, but Damon knew what to look for. He was pleased when the red-haired boy disappeared from the group just over two months earlier.

Today, they would meet. For the first time in six months of Mondays to Fridays spent following the boy from school, unobserved; taking the exact same road, at the exact same time, he would vary their routine. He'd started planning this after the first time he'd seen the boy and today, he was ready – everything perfectly in place. He'd planned well, making sure to time the beginning of the second phase of this gift to himself with his thirtieth birthday. If things went according to plan, the third and final phase would be well underway by the time his next birthday rolled around.

Speeding up, he took a left at the next intersection and drove around the block, so that he would approach the boy from the alleyway five blocks from the school. He came to a stop about twenty feet from the entrance to the empty alley, and putting the car in neutral, he got out and opened the hood. Tossing his suit jacket into the backseat of the car, Damon rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and loosened his tie before leaning against the wall next to the car. It was only about a minute before the tall, dark-haired boy appeared.

"Hey, kid!" Damon called out from his position against the wall.

The boy stopped and looked into the alley, taking in the man who, despite his casually ruffled appearance, was obviously expensively dressed, leaning next to a car that was also very definitely expensive, but which he seemed to be having some trouble with.

"Do you need some help?" The boy enquired, flashing a quick, lopsided smile.

Damon shivered, hearing the boy's surprisingly deep voice for the first time. "Yeah. Seems she overheated. Could you maybe get me some water? I think there's a tap at the park just up the road, but I don't really wanna leave her here, you know?"

The boy smiled again. "Yeah, sure, I can quickly get a can from the garage, it's just up the road a bit." He indicated the direction with one hand and then turned as if to leave.

"Don't bother, I've got a water can in the trunk; supposed to be full for emergencies, but you know how it goes." Damon shrugged self-deprecatingly as he got up to head for the trunk.

The boy laughed and walked into the alley. Coming around the car, his last coherent thought was that one day, he'd own one of these.

Damon smiled, pleased with how smoothly everything went as he slammed the hatch, trapping the currently unconscious boy in the trunk.

After all, the best person to know what to get the man who has everything for his birthday, would be the man himself.