Mother was dead and father was dying. My five siblings and I hid until nightfall, when the human hunters were well asleep, before making our escape into the world. The year was 1622, and we, the great-grandchildren of the original Corvinus vampires had become the most hunted creatures of night beside our cousins, the werewolves. We hid with friends until I, Dimitri Malenkus Corvinus, the eldest of my siblings, took control with the help of my brothers and sister. I had my contacts in the daylight world build a mansion in the country, and created a world for my family. As diverse as we are, with varying degrees of light and darkness coursing through our minds and veins, we are fiercely protective of each other. Over the ages, our small family gained a few more members, and now our family is up to ten members. MArkkus, the blackest mind among us, and Reaper, the second darkest and first soldier of the tribe, are both single. Myself and my two brothers, Adrian and Johnathan, our accountant and third in command respectively, are happily married to vampire women who joined our group. Adeline is courting a male who joined us a while back, a certain Stephan. He is our light soldier, the opposite of my brother. Their differences are minor, as they both enjoy the hunt and the kill. Adeline is the lightest of us all, and her relationship with Stephan is a bit rocky due to his enjoyment of the fight. Now we wait. For more members to add their life story to our own. For more companions and strong bonds of friendship. Join us. Make the night a family deal. All you need to do, is ask.