"What the HELL are you thinking? Have you lost your ever-loving marbles?!" Markkus' voice boomed through the halls."She's loyal to us now. She doesn't know it, but that bloodoath binds her from attacking us as well.""Oh. that changes things. Fine. As long as she doesn't get in my way, I'm cool with it. Go get her."Grace and Adeline smiled. They knew this was going to be good for the clan, and the world if they rid it of the Scottish wolves."I'll be back shortly. Ten minutes max." Dimitri flitted out the door too fast for the rest of the clan to see.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Keep up and don't get lost. We're going over rougher terrain than the city."She snarled. "Don't insult my intelligence, D. I've been hunting before on foot. In the woods around New York City.""Whatever, just don't attract attention." As he took of, she heard the girl growl low and change.*You keep up*He grinned and the race , at the first scent of deer, the she-wolf veered off course and tackled it. When she had finished, Dimitri grinned. "How was it?"*Salty...*"Lets get on with it then."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When they reached the hold, the lights were on in every room."Change back into your human form."*Uh. How about no? Naked and all?*"Oh, right. I'll get Adeline to get some clothes."As if on cue, Adeline appeared before them, having ran from the house with a pile of clothes."Now shoo, D. Women must have there privacy." Adeline grinned as Dimitri glowered at her and met his wife at the door.A few minutes later, the duo of women were at the door."Welcome to the Corvinus caln Stronghold."