Out of Time

Things were not, as some would say, 'normal'. It was not a brilliant example of a regular school day, nor a fine specimen of formality, but that was trivial. There was celebrating to be done!

There was no order, no pattern, just joy, and jubilant rule breaking from all. Things were hurled unceremoniously across the room, phones and cameras made their way through the crowd, taking pictures of everything, and anything, even the teacher was a part of this, stealthily cooking in the corner. The classroom was brimming with laughter, friendship, and optimism. Everyone was busy, rushing here and there, planning, preparing and organising various events, and the year to come; another year together, enjoying and despising one another's company. Though, this excitement was not shared by all. There were two who weren't as willing to celebrate this occasion. They were not so active in the planning, rule breaking or optimism. From these two, optimism was furthest from their minds. The future was uncertain, different and unwelcome. These innocent souls could only live for the present.

This group may have had their differences in the past, but at that time they were willing to put that behind them. They were united against a common enemy: school. They laughed, they joked and were above all else, happy. Freedom awaited them, they could already see it, feel it, taste it. Their minds were whirring with excitement, mad with hunger for that one moment. Images and emotions were racing through their mind: the cool breeze and strong glare of the sun burning their skin as they frolic along the beach, ice cream and fish and chips for lunch, sleeping in all through the week. They could not wait to finally experience that liberating feeling once again: Freedom.

After what must have been an age, the bell rang, shouts and footfalls overpower teachers' commands. Doors are thrown off their hinges, doorways crowd with students, hallways became walls as the mass of overexcited teenagers block all pathways and exits.

Screaming, yelling, hugging, kissing. Though promises were made, minds knew better. The beginning of an era had finally come once again; cellmates become strangers as they depart from the all too familiar atmosphere and into reality. For some, this day would mark the beginning of a new adventure, this would be the final goodbye.

Many believed that come Feb 1st, they could just pick up their lives where they left them that day, much like one would a book, or a paused video tape. They naively thought life would still be as they wanted, as they had planned it. What they overlooked however, was a small, but very important detail: Things change. Reality waits for no man. Life refuses to stay on a constant bearing. Things may continue at a similar state for a time, but sooner or later the tide will come and wash them out to sea. Whether they float or sink, relies solely on their resilience.

Statement of Intention -
In this piece, my aim was to show the joy and fun a class experiences on the last day of school for the year. But throughout this time, they knew that things couldn't be the same during the following year, though most were in denial of this fact. Two students would be leaving the school that year and my aim was to get across the feeling of not belonging and the sadness they felt at the thought of leaving.

For the benefit of some -
The Australian school year ends in December and begins Late Jan- Early Feb