I know I haven't wrote anything in a long while now, I'd like to say I have excuses, and so I kind of do have a few I don't want to go into details with, so imma just get on with it. Also, imma skip some time in this story and try to get it finished up within another 5 to 10 chapters or so, exams started as of three weeks ago so it might not be a regular update.

Two months later.

My jaw healed slowly but surely and soon enough, within a couple of weeks Isa was forced (be me) to attempt a kiss. Yeah…hurt like hell at first but god that guy can kiss good enough to make me forget my own name almost. So I got used to it and then I didn't even have to because the swelling and bruising and all that shiz was virtually gone.

Things with the family had gotten slightly better, my brother and myself had actually had a decent conversation once or twice without it resulting in fisticuffs at dawn. We were getting on, though barely. My parents were another story. My mum was refusing almost all contact with me, it had worsened steadily after the incident with the base ball bat, until she could barely look at me. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the fact that she realised Isaiah isn't going anywhere fast and that it isn't just a sad little teenaged phase. My dad however was growing a backbone and had on more then one occasion snapped at dear mother.

It was all going pretty well, I was mostly happy all the time. It was just destined that something had to go wrong, because in real life people don't get happy endings. Not all the time at least. We, me and Isa were in that fateful park on a chilly Friday afternoon, swinging and laughing on seats almost too small for our butts. We were pretty much alone other then the odd dog walker or Frisbee player who were ok to brave the bad weather.

Now there's something you need to understand. I knew I was gay before Isaiah came along, the visions in my childhood had made sure of that. Isa was by no means the first boy I had ever kissed. And on that afternoon it was all dredged back up again. Callum. He was everything to me for over ten years, everything. My best friend, my confident, my brother. And I had been so in love with him, no, the idea of him, that I had kissed him and ruined us forever. He was amazing, intelligent and sweet, caring and gentle. He was also a bigoted homophobe. And he was very out about it too.

He didn't hit me, he didn't even spread things about me, we'd been so close for so long that he couldn't have even if he wanted to, which he obviously didn't. What he did was much worse. He ignored me. He shunned me. He moved on to other people, to the more popular of the crowds and I thought my life would never be the same again. I haven't mentioned him before now because it still hurts, though I got over any feelings I had towards him that weren't purely friendship.

I hadn't seen him for over a month, though I wasn't sure why, until he showed up in the park. I didn't see him at first, Isa did though. But he had no idea who Callum was, I'd never mentioned him, never shown him photos of our old days. Isa tensed and I followed his line of sight to see a shadow on the bench a couple of meters away from us, watching silently. My heart jumped into my throat when I realised who it was and I instantly wanted to jump up and hug him, like always. I didn't though.

"What?" Isa snapped, obviously annoyed at the platinum blonde haired hot guy who was obviously staring at us. I glanced at Isa worriedly, hoping he wouldn't make too much of a deal about this. Callum raised a perfect eyebrow and glanced at me. I could still read his expression, even after not talking for so long. Feisty, it said, and that was it.

"Hey," Call said softly as he looked at me, biting his lower lip. My eyes widened as he spoke, I was honestly shocked he was not walking away, not glaring. I didn't know how to respond so I stayed silent. Isa looked at me.

"You know him?" he demanded with a frown. I nodded silently and looked at the floor.

"Callum this is Isaiah," I mumbled, "Isa this is Callum, my…" my what? Gah, he wasn't my friend, he wasn't my brother or family member, "My class mate," I finished lamely. Isa raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest, eyes flickering from me to Callum and it was clear almost instantly what he thought was going on.

"Relax," Callum murmured to Isa, unfolding himself, "I have no interest in jumping his bones," he snorted, "Or him mine I'm sure," he threw me a look I didn't have chance to read and turned to study Isa with a smirk. A smirk. That wasn't like the old Callum, that wasn't like the sweetie I knew. We all change I guess.

"You're his new…" he paused for effect, "Boyfriend?"

Isa shot a look at me, not knowing, it seemed, what to say. "Yeah," I said in his stead, "He Is, not that its any of your business," me tone was stern and not inviting at all. Callum sighed and some of that anger drained from his face.

"Its good to see you," he said quietly, moving closer to me and peering into my eyes, "Are you ok?".

I blinked at him.

"What?" I asked with confusion, "What do you care?"

Isa raised an eyebrow, clearly curious.

"I do," Callum said defensively, "I wanted to…" he sighed, "I wanted to apologise,"

Ok, so I was shocked before, when he said it was good to see me, now someone could have blown on me and I'd have fallen over.

"Stop it!" I snapped after a moment, talking a step closer to Isa, "You don't get to do this, you don't get to abandon me and then come back like this!"

Callum looked at me solemnly.

"Don't look at me like that either!" I seethed, eyes narrowing. Isa reached out and pressed his hand against my hip, sending me a worried look before stepping between me and Callum.

"I think you should leave," he said quietly.

"You what?" he asked incredulously with a frown, "I think its none of your business," he looked back at me, "You let him fight all your battles like this?" he snorted and shook his head.

Uh huh, and that's when Isaiah punched Callum.