Music has a way of making you loose all inhibitions. In the swing of the hips, the toss of a head. It bubbles and fizzes inside of you until is mandatory that you dance because its either dance or explode.

For Kieron the choice was always simple. He'd dance for hours on end, simply enjoying the way his blood pounded in his head, the way masses of bodies writhed together and how everyone was so close, it was hard to tell person from person.

But if you did it long enough, weekend after weekend, shaking off your problems and just moving to your own beat?

There was a world of new senses to discover, a new outlook on the world. Every song as a new day, every word a lore unto itself. And Kieron was right in the middle of it for as long as he could be.

At eighteen, Kieron attended half time collage. He did well, did all his homework, just so he could keep his weekends for dancing. Because in Kieran's life, dancing mattered most.

It made him forget.

Forget the pain, the anger, the anxiety, the depression, the self-hate. It made him forget.

And forgetting was good.

Because forgetting meant not remembering Jaden. Jaden Shaw. Both the love and the bane of his life.

Dead now though. Dead because of him.

Because of the addiction to adrenaline they developed by being together. A rush rivalled only by dancing, hence spending every weekend in a club. To avoid going back to the very things that got Jaden killed. Jaden the undefeated. Jaden the hottest guy since the sun. Jaden, resting now in a two year old grave. No longer undefeated.

So Kieron danced. He danced and he forgot.