I wasn't the prettiest, or the smartest. I wasn't skinny, by any means, but I wasn't fat. I rarely made straight A's, but I never made less than a C in any class. I wasn't on Homecoming Court, but I was best friends with some of them. I wasn't a band geek, but my best friend was. I wasn't a star athlete, but I could have gotten a scholarship for softball.

I was average.

I wasn't necessarily the girl next door, but one of the guys. Yea, so I was a bitch most of the time, but underneath this, I really was a sweetheart.

It occurred to me one day that the things you read about in books, or watch on tv, or pay $10 dollars to see in a movie theater are complete fabrications. Even when Hollywood tries to make something similar to real-life, it never quite captures its' essence.

Hell, it took Bridget Jones a sequel to really get her happy ending!

It's just not fair! Mr. Darcy, Han Solo, Edward Cullen. Those knights in shining armor! Ha!

I call bullshit.

Maybe it was because I was a size 13, with chemically processed blonde hair who had to wear makeup every day to hide the deep purple circles under my eyes from staying up late writing a paper, kind of girl. But really? Does that doom me to a life of singlehood?

Yes, I have had my romantic encounters. Many in fact. Some that could rival the best teen romance novel or romantic comedy. But one failed conquest after another, I am still in the same position as I started.

Facebook relationship status = Single.

And as far as being one of the guys? Some see this as great, this feeling of comfort and acceptance. But come on! How awesome is it to have any guy your interested in seeing you as their sister? Not fun. When a guy you like decides to pass gas in front of you, or tell you how things really came out in the bathroom, RUN.

Do you really know what it is like eternally being in the 'Friend Zone'?

Well I do.