Hope was alone again that recess. Glancing to her left, she saw 4 kids. The 4 kids who bullyed her without remorse. Everytime she looked over, they would raise there voices. Just loud enough for Hope to hear them. They never gave up, making new jokes and this and that for months, torturing Helena emotionally...and physiclly. Hope didn't have any other outlet to this type of treatment, and that was self harm. Scars and new cuts showed up on her arms everyday, reminding her that she survived through it all. But I digress. The names of the tormenters were Hayley, Charlie, Troy, and Larib. They created a club, and thats how they identified themselves. They made jokes everyday, all to the same tune of insults. They never knew how much they were hurting Hope, or how they were effecting her. Hope always knew the cuts were her faulkt, but still, she blamed those 4 for the pain and suffering she went through everyday.

Hope knew why she was being made fun of. She was different. She wore black clothes, listened to darker music, she didn't want to be like everyone else. She stuck out like a sore thumb, and those 4 hated that. They were the regular popular kids, wearing the latest fashion and all of that. But Hope didn't like that either. But Hope never said a word about her dislike about the way they dress. She looked passed all that, and saw what was on the inside, which was still black and horrid. Still, seeing the best of the worst in these people, she never said a word. Nothing. But the 4 did, everyday. Behind her back, to her face, little loud whispers. Hope seen it all before being relived of the pain.

Music was all Hope had now. She took her iPod out of her pocket, and plugged her ears with the ear buds and she blasted her dark music into her peirced ears. She liped the words, looking down at the small screen. Before she could even comprehend what was happening, eyeliner stained tears fell onto the screen. She broke down like this everyday, not even knowing the main source. Abviously, it was the bully's treatment, but it was deeper than that. Thinking through her tears, much like she did everyday, she thought of the one thing that kept her alive. Revenge. Hope could depened on the concept of revenge to keep her alive. Revenge and music, revenge and music. It kept her breathing and going.

Hope looked up, feeling little spitters of rain. Perfect, at indoor recess... thats when they really like to bite.

Inside the school and sitting at her desk, Hope looked at the time. 30 minutes until the recess ends. Amazing. 30 minutes until the teacher came in to teach the class, 30 minutes of whispers and giggles at her expense... 30 more minutes of hell. Sighing, she grabbed a few blank peices of paper and a pencil and she began to doodle. Little things like anime eyes, punk looking anime girls, fake splaters of blood. All the little things a punk girl loves. Hayley and Charlie walked behind her, giggling and whispering something about lack of talent. Hope grabbed the bridge of her nose, wanting to turn around and ring their necks.

After a few more hours of torment, school ended and Hope was at home, laying in her bed. She stared at her popcorn ceiling, thinking and plotting... until it hit her. She didn't have to put up with this anymore. Although she tried to talk to them, get mad, threaten them, scream and yell, stand up to them, and every type of solution that you can think of. But she thought about plotting it all and figured out what she wanted to do. It had to be done, but honestly, it didn't. It was a stupid idea. But the poor girl was suffering, and she thought it was something to use. Her family didn't care for her, people at school made fun of her, and those who didn't just stood by and watch her crumble benieth her own weight. She became belemic, she cut herself, and she was always depressed. Nothing could solve it, except with over the top plan.

Hope simply sighed, curling up into a ball on her bed. She craddled herself within a hug, letting the tears flow from her eyes. She cried herself to sleep that night... much like any other.

In the morning, about 7 am, Hope walked into the library, shoulders squared. This is where the 4 liked to hang out before school. It was a quite place to talk and create rumors about others. It was a small library. One door was always locked, and the other exit was open. Only a few shelves of books, and 2 futons to sit on. The 4 were spread out, girls on one futon, boys on the other. Their heads turn, and the grin a cheshier grin. They turned back to their group, whispering and laughing as if they were taling about her the whole time. They weren't, obviously, but that didn't matter. It was about making her life horrible. Hope retorted their attempts with a small giggle, which caused the 4 to look up in confusion. Charlie, Troy, Hayley, and Larib exchanged looks, then Hope began to speak.

" Years and years of this. All for what? I had never done anything to you. I never said a word to you. I spoke to you, when I wanted you to stop the torment. I spoke to you when I was tired of the little giggles and the inside jokes. All of you resisted to listen to me. Why resist? This could have not been happening right now if you would have just stopped to think the effect you had to me. I have to say,a ll the little jokes about me... they didn't hurt at first. You, all of you, made me believe I was ugly, stupid, and useless. Why? I keep asking why?! You never give me answers! I DESERVE ANSWERS! I have a right to live my life with content about myself. Why do you all insist on reaping that form my grasp?"

Hope took a few deep breathes, watching the looks on the 4 faces infront of her drop. She was reaching them this time. It was going through their head... but Hope wasn't done yet.

" I'm the girl that sits in class, alone. I have to listen to myself get verbally harrassed, and let it happen. Because ALL of you were ruthless when it came to me. It's gone on for years... how dare you try to hurt me like this? Do you hate me? Am I so different, so weird, that you actually hate me? Today is the day that I decide I will never shead another tear. No one can go through this and not be effected... you've scarred me. You may think I'm over reacting, but I'm not. You've put me through hell and seemed to enjoy it the whole way. Not just me, and you all know it. You've picked on other kids, but I seem to be your favorite. Do you want me to die? Is that it? You hate my guts so much because I dress a certin way that you want me to kill myself. Well, I'm already half way there!"

Hope held out her wrists, showing the crowd the scars and new cuts. Strawberry colored cuts. They stared at her arms, in disbeliefe.

" We never ment for you to do this to yourself." Troy bumped in.

" To late. I'm already half way there, you fuckers. I'm done with this shit. I'm done with my family, I'm done with you... and I'm done with everything." Hope pulled out a gun from behind her. The 4 flinched, and the girls started to cry. Troy tried to get up and run, but his body wouldn't move. They were petrafied.

" Are you going to shoot us as revenge?" Hayley screamed.

" Of coarse not. You're not worth the bullets. You CAUSED this! Every single one of you had a part in this. I just have to tell you... I'm sure that the paper will say my death was a suicide, seeing as my finger prints are on the gun. But it's not suicide. You caused this... all of you caused this. You murdered me, understand that. You four... Hayley, Troy, Charlie, and Larib... you. Mudered. Me. After this murder... I'm going to haunt you. When I leave, I WILL remember you."


Hope's body fell limp to the ground, blood pouring out of her skull and her once bright eyes now a dead grey. Hayley ran and puked on the floor at the sight of the blood, and the other 3 were in shock. They stared at the body before screaming for help.

Hope's story became legendary. How a girl, not much different on the inside, took her life in the name of revenge. Although her story changed at points, the plot still stood strong. Revenge was the main motive and thats how the story stayed. The 4 who witnessed the murder told their story to the cops, about the speech that was told. Althoughm they did change a few minor details. All the stuff about the bullying, and the technical murder case... that was thrown out. They told them that Hope came in, hystarical and crying, talking about death. Threatening to shoot them all if they ran. But shot herself instead. It was all lies.

Hope's family didn't care for the death much. They buried the young girl, and moved on. The mother was somewhat heart broken, but after a week, she moved on and forgot.

As for the 4 stopped making fun of others... as bad as they made fun of Hope. They kept it to the back stabbing. But they were scared. Could Hope come back? Could she haunt them forever? All of these "coulds" ran through the 4's minds. The took a few weeks off of school to clear their minds from the trama. Still petrifyed, they stuck together. Using eachother as building blocks to become strong again. Still, they all feared that in the shadows lurked an angry spirit. A spirit ready to strike and kill.

Quick Authors note... this sin't a oneshot... this is a story that will have chapters. So, this is based half on experience, and half on my own imagination. I was bullied to hell, and all that. It sucked... but yeah. This story does have chapters... just to let you all know.