Ælfin stepped into the blue light cast by the three moons of Eros. The girl he had been following stopped and turned to him. He gasped, for by her features, she was full Elfin. She must be one of the last on Eros, or maybe she was the last. To say she was beautiful was cruel and unjust. She outshined even Eros' brightest moon, Psyche. Her pale blue luminescent skin glimmered in the lights of the be'elungs and neerows. She smiled at Ælfin and beckoned him forward, further into the light and closer to her. She opened her mouth to speak, and the sound that flowed forth was sweeter than the pipes in the Spirit Castle.

"Ælfin. Come closer."

His legs moved of their own accord, and soon he was in front of the shimmering divinity before him.

"Ælfin, I am Alæria. I am the last of my kind on your world. The fire spirit known as Sintaurias is hunting me. Without me, your world will fall into chaos, and the elements will rebel. You must find me. I will not know you when we meet."

Ælfin frowned and puckered his brow in confusion.

"Yes, Ælfin, you are dreaming this, but not of your own will. I will not know you because this is a subconscious attempt to find help. The mindless undead are rising at Sin's orders. He is amassing an army to find and kill me. Find me first, I pray you. You are waking up, young Ælfin. Find me. Find me and save your planet. Goodbye, Ælfin."

Ælfin's mouth opened and his voice found itself. "Please, ma'am. Where shall I find you?"

Alæria's smile broadened. "Look around you, young foundling. You know this place."

Indeed when Ælfin glanced up, the three moons peered down on him in a perfect row, and there was only one place on Eros where that anomaly is commonplace.

"Memorize it, young foundling. Find me here." Ælfin watched in amazement as the shimmering beauty smiled again and floated away, vanishing into the mist.