Ÿ Three Ÿ

After gutting and hanging the Gelaph from a rope to dry, Ælfin stepped out of his tree hut and landed softly on the ground. Meka, the sun, was up and he smiled. A good warm day then. Meant the Gelaph would dry out faster. He stooped to the ground and scooped up a handful of the red dirt that covered any open ground on Eros.

"Life eternal, beauty always. May you bless our people, Father Eros." With that, he tossed the dirt high into the air, accidentaly startling his Teratorn, Ibenez.

"Whoa, boy. Just dirt." Ælfin stroked his steed and smiled at the well-known thread of thought that entered his mind.

Just keep it out of my face.

Ælfin chuckled. "Will do, old friend."