Ivy sat at the computer, her feet swinging underneath her chair. Her grey-blue eyes flicked between the note pad in her lap and the window in which Jack stood behind waving with bright green eyes that startled Ivy's senses. He was just so visually appealing.

Jack Daniels had rich brown hair that hung nicely on his head, but was often gelled up giving him a slightly grown out buzz cut (in a good way). He had a masculine jaw line that fit his plump, but not too plump lips. His eyes, as I mentioned early were a startling moss green that went perfectly with his personality, because not only was her good looking he was nice, kind, funny, sweet.

And don't even get me started on how great he was on the field.

Ivy scribbled on the note pad and then held it up to the window so Jack could see, "First day of senior year tomorrow!" She ripped that page off the note pad and wrote another message, "Will you drive me?" She pretended to plead, clasping her hands and then bringing them to her lips and shaking them back and forth.

Jack rolled his eyes. "Yes." He held up the sign revealing his slightly messy and cute handwriting in blue. He looked down and began to write another note, "You know you could just open the window so I could talk to you!"

She laughed and then wrote her message, "I could! But this is more fun!"

He rolled his eyes again, yawned, closed the blue curtains and turned off the light.

Ivy's eyes darted to the pink bathroom door. "I so can't be bothered brushing my teeth." She moaned as she lazily lifted her body up and dragged it to the bathroom, her feet dragging along the floor as she pulled her messy golden-brown hair in to a quick bun with the elastic band she had spare on her hand.

She let the tap water run until it got warmer. She stared at herself in the mirror.

Her hair was tied up in a messy loose bun that was sloping to the side. Her reasonably thick fringe and strands of hair fell on to her well-defined alabaster-pale cheek bones. Lightly freckles traced from her inner cheeks to her nose and to the other side of her face. Long black curly eyelashes framed her large grey-blue eyes covered by large black wayfarer glasses. Her lips were reasonably full and pink and they stretched in to large joker (batman reference: look up Jack Nicholson joker) grin when she laughed.

She frowned at her reflection, before taking off her glasses and proceeded to scrub at her freckles, "God damn freckles will be the death of me." She muttered as she splashed her face, sighed and then turned, hopping straight in to bed.

Her cat, the 11-month-old Alfie was lazily lying on the end of her bed as she slipped under the covers, letting her feet slip under neath Alfie, warming them. "You are such a big sook, Alfie!"

She settled in to bed and leaned over to pick up the phone. She was going to call Tessa, her best-friend. She dialled the number and listened to it ring a couple of times before Tessa answered it, "Hello." A giddy voice sounded through the remote.

"It's me." Ivy rolled her eyes at Tessa's ability to be so perky at this time of night. "Ivy."

"I know it's you." Ivy heard Tessa laugh in the background, "Dumby!"

"Senior year starts tomorrow!" Ivy twiddled her thumbs, "You excited?"

"Not really. It's not cool to date senior guys 'cause you are a senior." Tessa sighed, "Now I have to go for college guys, but you can't show them off around the school halls 'cause they are studying and what-not."

Ivy raised her eyebrows, even though she knew Tessa couldn't see her, "I'm sure you'll cope."

Tessa sounded unsure in a sarcastic way, "I don't know, I don't think I'll be able to deal with out eyes on me all the time." She sighed again, drawing it out this time.

"I'll help you bear with it."

"Speaking of bears, how was your summer with Jack, with out Summer?"

"How does that have anything to do with bears?"

"I don't know, I just wanted to bring him up because I know how much you love talking about him." Tessa paused, "I like talking about him too, though!"

"Well if you must know it was A-mazing." Ivy scrambled to think of some more adjectives to describe it but Tessa found them for her.

"Fun, fabulous, astonishing, awesome, awe-inspiring, inconceivable, marvellous, mind-blowing… romantic?"

"Not the latter." Ivy moaned. "He just won't cheat on her… and I also have no appeal."

"Uh... no!" Tessa laughed as if what Ivy was saying was outrageous, "You are that cute kind of nerdy. Everyone digs that these days."

"No one says digs." Ivy paused, "And besides I don't the right kind of appeal, cute is not good enough."

"What kind of appeal?"

"Sex Appeal."

Tessa laughed, "Whatever, hon. I got to go now. Bye."

"Bye." Ivy shut the phone off and then turned off the light, letting herself fall in to a deep sleep.

Tomorrow would be the start of their senior year, officially changing things between Ivy and Jack, because as summer ended so did their chummy relationship. Jack would go back to Summer and resume his role as Captain and Quarter back of the Redford Ravens while Ivy would go back to studying so she could get in to Yale or Harvard. Little did she know things would actually change for the better.