(NOTE: For the purposes of this story, I will be 25, not 15. And I don't know how the movie process really works, so I'm just guessing. I know this story sucks, but I'm really just doing this for fun and to indulge in my Joaquin Phoenix fantasy. And please note, I mean absolutely no disrespect towards Joaquin Phoenix or to "Some Like It Hot", or anyone associated w/ that movie. I'm just writing this for fun.)

My Beautiful Sweet Chocolate Prince

I couldn't believe it. I skipped down the street like a little child, music playing in my dizzy head. I waltzed and twirled and sang Beatles songs, ignoring the bewildered looks of the people around me as I danced on by.
I had just gotten my big break, as they would say. I was going to be in a movie! A real one! With...people! I had gotten cast in a remake of my favorite movie, "Some Like It Hot", playing Sugar Kane. Oh my God...

I remember the audition, me fumbling and nervous, my script wrinkled and sweat-stained in my hands. I went into the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face, which had turned an obscene purplish-red color. God...how was I going to do this? I knew ever line of this movie by heart, could imitate Marilyn Monroe better than anyone. It would be OK...yes...OK.
Looking in the mirror again, I saw that my face had somewhat returned to its normal hue. All right, I was going to be fine...just fine. Smiling, I was about to walk out the door, when it burst wide open. A tall, thin, bleached blonde girl in a skimpy dress and (I noticed with a grimace) VERY generous breasts walked in, offered me a sugar-sweet smile and headed toward the mirror to apply more makeup to her already over-painted face. I saw she was carrying a script in her hands. My cheeks began to flush again and I ran out of the bathroom.
As the cold air outside hit me, all my fears returned. Jesus Christ, how the hell was I supposed to get cast with someone like THAT competing against me? The girl definitely had more in common with Marilyn, looks-wise, than I ever would. I fingered my frizzy reddish hair and felt tears well up in my eyes.
All of a sudden, a dark-haired aide grabbed my arm, "Come on, you're up next, we've been looking all over for you."
Gasping for air, I let myself be dragged through the unending labyrinth of the studio, all the time thinking in my head, Shit...shit...shit...