How unfair is it that human monsters get all the cheese?

I mean, its not like i want that much, cheese gives me indigestion when i eat too much anyway.

Its the principle of the thing. They see me? They scream.

I get the cheese, they put down traps. I don't get the cheese, they still see me, scream and then put down traps. Tis a world where all mice are condemned to go cheese-less. I don't steal their money. I don't hog the covers. I don't drink the milk out of the bottle like the middle monsters do. Those ones who aren't little monsters anymore, yet not big ones.

Sure I leave poo everywhere sometimes but its not like I have opposable thumbs to pick it up. And I'm so not using my mouth. And yes, OK, I chew things. No ones perfect!

All I want is to settle down with a nice lady mouse, have some little baby micelings of my own and have a nice tuna fish tin bed! I'd even settle for a sardine tin at a push.

But no! Humans are programmed, almost, to rid themselves of what they call vermin!

Vermin i tell you! Why, how disrespectful! We have feelings too you know! We have little hearts, and we cry when we watch Titanic...well, um, not personally. Of course. Never seen the film in my life.

Hahaha *ahem*...haha...ha.

Is it so hard to love us? *Sniffle*

We love you! actually. We don't. We spit on the ground you walk on, but shhhh! Don't tell yourself!

I've noticed also, that one or two of you have cats for pets!

Jeez people, do you know you're harboring known killers!?

Murderers, right under your nose. But when one of them brings a poor innocent mouse and drops it at your feet, its all "Oh look! Poor thing must me hungry!" and "Now Terrence, put that disgusting thing down!" Absolutely no pity for us whatsoever. Humph.

Well i for one am seriously opposed to it. Cats, bah. Horrid things. All shedding and shredding.

Next time you see one, do my a favour and kick it? My legs aren't big enough...

And I hope our little chat has taught you something! Be nice to mice! (Ohhh what a slogan!)