I used to give you power
Your words were never wrong
I put you on a pedestal and proudly sang your song.

I praised the ground you walked on
And I loved your every way
But my many tries were futile and most often went in vain.

I'm sick of being tired
I'm sick of being cold
I'm sick of falling hard for all the lies that I've been told.

I'm done with Isolation
I'm done with wasted tears
I'm done with paranoia, pain, anxiety and fears.

I won't let you take over
I won't let you break my heart
I won't let my naïve nature show, and sadly fall apart.

I'm a woman with foundation
Firmly planted by my seed
I'm a red oak, not a daisy, not cliché fragility.

I'm a soldier with a reason
Fighting my internal war
So I guess it isn't shocking: I can't love you anymore.