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So, there's this rumor.. That at midnight on Halloween night, on this road called 'Hallow R.d'

All the ghosts appear that have died or been killed on that road.

First before I get to the good part, let me tell you something..

Hallow Road.

It's a long winding road, with sharp corners and 'S' curves,

the speed limit is I believe forty-five, but it should be twinty-five.

It wouldn't matter if the road people changed the speed limit anyways, the people don't care anyways, they just go like, twenty miles over forty-five.. It's insane, that's why so many people are killed on that road.

I myself almost got killed once while I was on that road, and one of my best friends actually did.. But back to the story.

Halloween is two days away, Kristen, Allie, Jake and Matt, my three best friends and my boyfriend.

Tomorrow at school I plan on asking them to come investigate with see if the rumor is true or not.

I mean ghosts aren't anything like people think..they don't wanna hurt you or haunt you or anything stupid like that..

I've seen a ghost once..more like an Angel... it was ma grandfather, when I was little I saw him in my tree house, I spoke to him, and he talked back just like he was really there, he said that he missed me, and the hugs I used to give him every time I saw him, and that he missed my grandma, and that he was watching over me and protecting me from harm..

Then he blew me a kiss and disappeared


"No waay!" Kristen screamed at me as we walked to sit at our lunch table at schoo.

"But Kris... they won't hurt us, if the rumor actually is true.. I just wanna see if it's true.."

I said, sitting down next to my boyfriend, Matt.

"Hey Babe," he grinned, kissing me briefly as I sat next to him.

I smiled at him and returned to my conversation with Kristen.

She sat across from me, I leaned forward and whispered something to her, then Allie and Jake came, Allie sitting next to Kristen and Jake on the other side of me.

"No thanks, Ash.. I-I have to take my little brother Trick-Or-Treating..." Was Allie's excuse once I asked her.

"Awsum!, sounds cool in a freakish way." Jake grinned dorkily biting into his burger.

Matt of course agreed to come with me, so he could 'Protect' me.

I knew for a fact that the guys would agree to come with me, and I halfly knew that both Allie and Kristen would chicken out and say they have something else to do.

The 4th period bell rang, we all finished up our lunch, Matt kissed me quickly and ran off to Bio class.

After school, I met my friends out in the schools parking lot, Kristen and Allie said they where going shopping, so they both hopped in their cars and drove off.

"Such good friends they are..." I mumbled mostly to myself.

Matt walked up and got behind me, putting his arms around my waist and kissing my neck, then whispering in my ear,

"Babe, their just being chickens..unlike you, you're the bravest, most beautiful girl I've ever met, and that's why I love you."

I put my hands over his which where over my stomach, then I just stood there, silent for a minute, playing his words 'I love you' over and over in my head, his voice was so... seductive..and sexy, and just... amazing.. It made me want to just melt in to a puddle of much every time he did this to me, putting his arms around my waist, holding me close, and whispering something in my ear.

Then I finally spoke,

"Thanks M'luv.. I love you too."

Then I turned around and kissed him quickly, knowing Jake was standing right there beside us, it made me feel weird.. seeing as how he is my Ex boyfriend.. But we still love each other as best friends.

After Matt and I let go of each other, I filled the guys in, like telling them where we where meeting, which was my house, and what they needed to bring for me.. And all that interesting stuff.

After I was finished Jake kissed my cheek and said goodbye, and got in his car and left.

Leaving me and Matt, My car broke down, and was being fixed so Matt drove me home.


There I was, it was 11:30pm Matt, Jake and I where sitting in my room staring at each other,

"Well, we should get going.." I finally said, breaking the awkward silence.

"Yeah,... I got the camera and stuff.." Jake said holding up a huge black backpack.

"And, I got everything else you asked for Babe" Matt said, holding up his bag and sitting it on my bed.

"Thanks guys," I smiled.

Then they both got up from where they where sitting and sat on either side of me on my bed, then at the same time they both leaned over and kissed my cheeks, an all around kiss.

"No problem" they said together, just like they planned and practiced the whole thing.

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