by: EsiuoL

I couldn't stop thinking about it.
Those parting words you said,
bore deep within my soul
like shrapnels piercing through my heart.

The tears that were pushing out my eyes
blurred my vision
to the point that I felt blind.
Blinded by the veil of tears of regret

You thought I could move on,
act as if everything didn't happen,
to forget that 'us' ever existed,
you wanted me to lock the memories out.

But you were mistaken
because some things were easy to say
yet doing the act itself required a lot
you didn't know what you were asking from me.

"Please forget about me.", you said
Forgetting seemed a word excluded in my vocabulary.
But I was willing to,
Willing to forgive not forget.

It might sound utterly bizarre
but forgetting you meant disregarding the things
I've learned to appreciate
Like the feeling called love

Yes, I've loved you so much
I've given my everything, my all that when you left
I seemed to have lost my will to live

And I continued on getting hurt
Because of those hopeless words I heard
It kept lingering on my thoughts
They kept on haunting me.

And now as I look at you
Tears gush out
Tears that silently drop at your tombstone
dampening your name carved on it

Because of those words you said
I realized something I haven't thought before
The way you said it
With your eyes concealed, face devoid of emotion

The meaning behind those lines
The warmth of your last touch
The passion when your lips had mine
I feel like a complete idiot

For letting my heart mislead me
For clouding my mind with silly explanations
For trampling my logic because of pride
And for forgetting to read behind the lines.


A/N: Something I made two or three days ago... . Remembered a certain awful event so here's the outcome... Weeee! :D